49s Lotto Winner – Man From Pretoria Won £800,000 on His Birthday

It is a fact that the lottery is one of the oldest games in the world. Previously, the lottery was used as a way of cheering people up by giving out monetary prizes and it also had the side-benefit of funding a lot of good causes. This is one of the top reasons why countries from all over the world have introduced their own national lotteries. South Africa is also one of these countries and it offers a wide range of games to players, which don’t just change their lives, but the money is also used for numerous good causes that eventually help the country.

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You can play a lottery any day of the week and get a chance to win the prize of your dreams. A lot of people may not believe that they will ever win because it is all about luck, but some games offer great odds that just might let you win the big prize. How can you be so sure? This is something that did happen to Xavier Erickson from Pretoria in March, 2018. The man took home a whopping prize of £800,000 in the 49s Lotto and that too on his birthday. Talk about an excellent birthday present.

Xavier was an accountant for a small company and was really bored with his exhausting 8 to 5 routine. He also had to work on weekends sometimes, which meant that he didn’t really have a social life. Plus, he didn’t think he was getting paid enough to make the job worth it. However, he didn’t really have any other option because jobs are already hard to come by so he had to stick with it. He could only dream about setting up his own accounting service and enjoy some freedom, but it didn’t seem to be happening.

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It was just a regular day when he went into the store to buy a couple of things and saw that there was a really big line. Upon asking, he was told that the 49s Lotto had a really high jackpot so people were buying tickets. He contemplated and decided there was no harm in buying a couple of tickets and that’s what he did. He didn’t think about it for the next few days and it completely slipped his mind. On the weekend, when he finally got home and turned on the TV, there was a lottery draw being conducted.

That’s when he remembered that he had also bought tickets and decided to check up on them. To his shock, he realized he had won a major prize. He just couldn’t believe it and thought it was a joke. It wasn’t until he took his ticket to the store and confirmed it that it really set in. He was just ecstatic because he realized that he had gotten the opportunity of making his dreams come true. Who wouldn’t want that? But, since he was an accountant, he knew that he had to be careful with the money or it would be gone really quickly.

Therefore, he decided to wait a couple more days before claiming his prize. He took out some time and made a plan of how he would set up his own firm and what he was going to do with his whole prize. He was aware of the legalities and started them right away. When he finally got his winnings, the first thing he did was to quit his job. Xavier knew that most winners recommended not to do that right away, but he believed he needed time to set up his operations and he couldn’t do that while he was still working.

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However, before he started right on his business, Xavier took some time to buy himself a nice house. After all, property is also a good investment and he wanted to indulge as it was his birthday. He bought a luxurious property, one that he could easily maintain in the long run. He called up his mother and brother and invited them to join him at his new place. He hadn’t disclosed his winnings to anyone and he wanted to tell them face-to-face. His family were really happy for him and since he knew his brother was having some financial trouble, he chose to help him out as well.

It took Xavier some time, but thanks to the internet, he was able to set up his accounting firm easily. He took his brother’s assistance for online marketing, since he specialized in it, and was able to promote his business quite effectively as he landed a couple of clients pretty quickly. Thanks to the 49s Lotto, Xavier was getting the golden opportunity of actually living his dream, something he wanted to do for a long time and he just couldn’t believe his luck.

Ironically, even though he had bought five tickets and had used different numbers for each, the ticket that won him the 49s Lotto prize was the one that had Smart Pick numbers. Xavier opted to go for the Smart Pick option for one ticket and that was the one that actually ended up helping him win the prize that changed his life. He couldn’t be more grateful that he had chosen to walk into the store that day and seen the line for buying lottery tickets. As the draws are conducted randomly, it seems playing random numbers did the trick for Xavier and he couldn’t be more pleased.

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If you check the history, you will find that Xavier is not the only player who has won a prize by playing random numbers. You can also participate in the 49s Lotto or any other online lottery game and play a set of random numbers to see if that helps you in winning a prize. Other number tricks can also be used if you want to choose your own numbers and not let the machine pick them for you. All you have to do is buy the tickets and you can also get a chance to win a prize that could turn your life around.

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