A Firm Belief Can Win You the Lottery

Buying a lottery ticket can often seem funny to those who are not into this game. According to them, it is a game of luck and no one ever knows if they are going to hit the jackpot or not. What they don’t realize is that this is exactly the reason for taking part in a lottery. As a matter of fact, there is no game in the world where you know you its outcome before the results come out, unless of course, there is match fixing involved. When played honestly and with transparency, you can never know the results of a game beforehand.

Why would thousands and millions of people watch a game if they knew its outcome already. A lottery is just like any game. In fact, with some research and work, you can actually increase your odds of winning one too. The thousands of lottery winner stories on the internet are a proof that putting your money in a lottery does pay back. Today, you are going to read yet another inspiring story of a person who bought a lottery ticket from UK49 and was lucky enough to change their life forever.

However, before jumping into the story, let’s take a look at some of the major reasons why buying a lottery ticket makes sense.

Why Buying a Lottery Ticket Is a Wise Decision

You Spend Very Little

Yes, the chances of you winning can seem thin when there are hundreds of thousands of people buying the ticket to the same lottery, but how much are you spending? A lottery ticket is probably the cheapest investment you can make in life. A lottery ticket hardly ever costs you more than 10 pounds or the equivalent of that in any country. So, despite the probability of you winning the jackpot being small, you are not putting something huge on stake. You could buy a chocolate with that money or you could try your luck and change your destiny with the same loose change in your pocket.

It’s Not Just the Jackpot

Yes, when you buy a ticket, you are looking at that mouth-watering jackpot money. However, that’s not the only way to win in a lottery. You could win a second, third, or fourth division prize and still get a much bigger return than your investment. With big lotteries, even the second division prize money can be multiple thousand dollars. Even if you are able to win only the third division prize, you will get much more than what you had spent on buying the ticket. Sometimes, there can be thousands of third division winners. So, even if you don’t win the jackpot, does not mean you are completely out of luck.

There Are Ways to Increase Your Chances of Winning

To those who have not explored lotteries a lot, it might seem that winning a lottery jackpot is completely out of the person’s hands. That’s not the case every time. While you can’t completely control everything and win a lottery jackpot just like that, there are ways for you to increase the chances of you winning. For example, before you take part in a lottery, you should see the past jackpots and results. A detailed look at the past data of winners can show you if there are any patterns in the winning numbers. If you see that some numbers are frequently appearing, you can bet on those numbers. While that does not guarantee a win, it definitely bring a few steps closer to winning.

In a similar fashion, you have syndicate lottery tickets. Syndicate lottery is when you take part in the lottery with a group of people. It is up to you to choose a group of people on your own or let the online lottery website do it for you. In either case, you have a much stronger chance of winning the lottery. That’s because every person in the syndicate gets a lottery ticket and if any of the ticket wins a prize, all the members distribute it among themselves equally. Similarly, you can buy multiple tickets on your own. Not to mention, you can win a prize money with three and four number matches as well.

The Story of a UK49 Lottery Winner

This story is of a person who lived in South Africa and he was 34 years of age when he made it big with UK49. The name of this lucky winner is Sfiso Zulu. Sfiso was just like any other ordinary person. He would go about his daily routine thinking of big things and dreaming of life changing breakthrough. He was an accountant with a company that served the real estate industry. Before starting his career in the real estate industry, he had high hopes with the work. He used to think that he could make enough money from his work to change his life and make his dreams come true.

However, this was a mistake because the job was not doing the magic for him. On top of that, the daily monotonous routine was bugging him inside. He wanted something big to happen in his life but the eight to five job kept him occupied throughout the day. He always knew he could make it big in the real estate world but only if he had his own real estate. Of course, the dream was big, but it is true that the realization of big dreams require big steps to be taken.

Sfiso knew he had to take chances to make his dreams come true. There was no doubt in his mind that even the biggest entrepreneurs of the world had only one thing in common i.e. they took risks. He was ready to take risks but he did not know what type of risk. While fighting with these thoughts in his mind, he came across UK49. UK49 is the unique website allowing people to bet on lotteries and win big time more frequently in a week than they can with other companies.

Sfiso’s First Step to a Life Changing Turn

Sfiso’s first step towards a completely transformed life was when he started to take interest in UK49. He saw on the website that he could place bets on a variety of lottery types. This sounded very interesting to him because it felt more attractive than taking part in a lottery. He was amazed when he saw that he could even bet on a single ball and win huge prizes with that. However, Sfiso was in no mood to play small. He had big dreams that required him to take big steps.

The Lunch Time Draw at UK49 was the most attractive option for him. He take a lunch break from work every day and take part in the UK49 Lunch Time draw. He turned his UK49 Lunch Time draws into a routine for himself. He would do this with a new spirit of winning every day. It was his winning spirit that kept him going for nearly six months straight. Even if he wanted to stop he could not because a voice inside him always told him that he was about to get lucky.

The Life Changing Turn Had Arrived

The voice was right. Sfiso hit the jackpot one day. It was the December of 2015 when this happened. He had won £11 million. A notification arrived in his email inbox from National Lottery about his win. When he read the email, he was met with disbelief. In his mind, he was wrestling with the thoughts of disbelief. He could not believe what he was reading in the email. It couldn’t happen just like that. How could it be that all the dreams that he had every made in his life were achievable all of sudden? How could his world suddenly come into his feet?

To put an end to any doubts, he involved his brother. He sent the email notification email to his brother to verify its authenticity. His brother, Thabo, received the email and ended up feeling just as excited as Sfiso. He too could not believe his eyes and was now going through the same sensations as Sfiso. However, he had to recollect himself to tell Sfiso about the big win. He called him and for a few minutes, he was not able to form any words that made any sense. He told his brother that the email he had received was an authentic email and that he really had become a millionaire.

Sfiso becomes a Big Man with Big Ideas

The huge win had humbled Sfiso. When accepting his prize money, he talked about how he wished to spend the money. The first and foremost was his dream of opening his real estate firm. He was ready to say goodbye to his job immediately but he served a formal resignation because he was grateful to his current employer for making him what he was today – a skilled real estate person.

In addition to starting his own business, Sfiso was looking at other big things to do. Perhaps his win had given birth to noble causes in his mind and he did not want to be selfish by keeping every penny to himself. The best idea in Sfiso’s mind was to start his business and assist the poor through that. He made up his mind that he was going to work on a project of homes for poor people. He wanted to develop affordable homes so everyone could have a chance to have their own house.

Sfiso was humbled and also amazed at the same time that his prize money had made him so kind and modest in his heart. He now wanted to help the needy people with the money he had earned.

The Realization of the Dreams Starts

After talking about his plans of how he was going to spend the money, Sfiso was ready to make his first move. Since the eight to five job timing had tired him a lot, he thought of it as an excellent idea to take some time off work and busy schedules, and spend some time with his family at a destination of his dreams. So, Sfiso takes vacations, arranges tickets, asks his family to pack their bags, and leaves to enjoy some time in front of the beautiful waters of the oceans. He just wanted to relax with his family.

Once again, the idea of relaxation and having fun was no limited to himself. He wanted to do something for his family and relatives as well. Sfiso had planned that he would help his family, friends, and anyone around him who need some money to get on their feet and become financially sound.

What Helped Sfiso Win the Lottery and become a Millionaire?

That’s a question that you would want to ask every single person who becomes a millionaire by winning a lottery. Sometimes, people win because of their persevere attitude i.e. they will keep buying tickets in hopes of winning even if they don’t win several times. At other times, people win on their first lottery ticket. As a result, you can say that the only thing that is common in every single lottery player is positivity. Whether they win on their 200th ticket or the first one, these people are positive in their mind about their success. That’s the same thing happened to Sfiso. In his mind, he always knew something good was going to come out of his lottery attempts.


The story of Sfiso is only one of the many floating on the internet and inspiring thousands of people to take part in lotteries. The first step for you to participate in lotteries should be to sign up on UK49. Several individuals have already won great prizes when they bought their tickets through Uk49. Not to mention, betting on the outcome of a lottery is much more appealing and benefitting than taking part in a traditional lottery. Before buying your ticket, make sure you fill your mind with positivity and keep your hopes of winning high at all times.

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