About UK49s

 UK49s – A Different Kind of Lottery!

UK49’s lotto draw is a truly a different type of lottery. Here we are going to look into the details of what sets UK49 apart from the other lotteries out there. We are going to look at 3 important factors that make the UK49’s special:

  • UK49’s Draw frequency
  • UK49’s Prize Divisions
  • Cost to Play UK49’s


UK49 Frequency

The main difference is that the national (and now thanks to online – international) lottery draws take place once, twice or possibly three times a week, the UK49 draw takes place twice a day, 7 days a week. This may not seem like such a huge difference, but it is. For example: within 1 month there will be 8 possible US Powerball draws that you can enter, over the same period of time you can play in 60 UK49 draws. This high frequency of draws is an extremely attractive element of the UK49 draw and whenever feedback is taken, this is always one of the key reasons why people play the UK49 lotto.


UK49 Prize Divisions

Here’s where it gets interesting. The UK49 lotto gives you the option to bet on the outcome of the lottery, sounds pretty straightforward and run-of-the-mill so far…just wait. With the UK49 you can decide how many balls you want to play, from 1-5. The draw itself is always for 6 balls, but you can decide how many balls you want to play. If you pick one ball for the upcoming draw and it is one of the 6 balls drawn, you will win your stake multiplied by 6 (1 ball UK49 odds are 6:1). The more balls you decide to play, the higher the odds are. The UK49 odds starts at 6 to 1 with a 1-ball play and go all the way up to 150,000 to 1 if you pick 5 balls to play.

Please note that picking to play 5 ball UK49 means that you will only get paid out if all 5 balls come in. You cannot play 5 ball UK49 and hit one ball to receive 6x your stake back. You will have to play a 1-ball game, a 2-ball game, a 3-ball game etc. in order to receive your prize in each division.


UK49 Cost of Bet

Aside from the prize divisions and the uniqueness of the UK49 options to play, there is also an additional difference that sets the UK49 lotto apart from the others – You can bet different sums of money on the outcome!

Taking the US Powerball as a comparative example again, you will notice that there is a fixed price for a US Powerball ticket and a fixed jackpot amount. In comparison, the only thing that is fixed with UK49’s is the odds. You can decide how much of a wager you are will to place on your chosen number-ball game. Usually these amounts are predetermined options such as $1, $3, $5, $10, $25, $50.

So, if you wanted to play a 2-ball game in the upcoming UK49’s you will receive odds of 66/1. Assuming that you want to bet $10 on these 2 balls being drawn (out of the total 6 balls drawn) you can expect to win $660. (you desired stake of $10 multiplied by the predetermined odds of a 2-ball match).

Chances to Win The UK49 | UK49.net
Winning Odds
6 Regular
1 in 13,983,816
5 Regular + 1 Extra
1 in 2,330,636
5 Regular
1 in 55,491
4 Regular + 1 Extra
1 in 22,197
4 Regular
1 in 1,083
3 Regular + 1 Extra
1 in 812
3 Regular
1 in 61
2 Regular + 1 Extra
1 in 81
2 Regular
1 in 8
1 Regular + 1 Extra
1 in 21
0 Regular + 1 Extra
1 in 16
Minimum Jackpot: £9
Record Jackpot: £1,000,000

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