The Best Lotto You are NOT Playing

Having spent decades playing the lottery & many years within the lotto industry it isn’t often that you come across a lotto draw that really has something special about it. The UK49’s is a special lotto draw. Let’s take a look at why this lotto is special, what makes it stand out in the now global, online lotto world and well go through some tip and tricks to make sure you give yourself the best chance possible of making money.

UK49’s Online

The lottery has always been popular, this is undeniable. However, what has happened to the lotto industry as a whole over the past 5 years has been nothing short of spectacular. The internet has enabled national lotteries to expand beyond their borders and become de facto international draws, even if it may take a bit more time for the de jure to catch up, the online lottery phenomenon is here to stay.

The UK49’s is, in many ways, the perfect lottery for the online world. It’s popularity with millennials highlights this point – millennials are by far the fastest growing demographic of new UK49’s lotto players.

One of the things that makes the draw tailor fit for the online world is that its quick, responsive and an interactive lotto draw. UK49’s has two draws a day – one in the afternoon and one in the evening, every single day, 365 days of the year! It’s a lotto enthusiasts dream.

UK49 Money

Play the UK49’s However You Want

Not only does the UK49’s have over 750 draws a year but you, the player, get to decide how much you are willing to wager on your desired outcome…and that’s not all! You, the player, also get to decide which desired outcome you think will come to fruition. This is perfection for the online community of lotto players.

The UK49’s draw is for 6 or 7 balls depending which game you play, but, unlike the standard lottery format, you don’t have to pick 6 or 7 balls, you can pick and play with only 1 ball if you like!

This may sound strange to readers that are unaware of the specialty of the UK49’s lottery, but it’s a great feature that I am positive is the major factor behind the success of this lottery. So, you can pick one ball and just place your bet on that one picked number being one of the 6 numbers that will be drawn. That’s all you need, one out of the 6 – Hence the odds for 1 ball in the UK49’s is 6 to 1. You can scale upwards, picking more numbers and increasing your returns as you add.

UK49’s – The Internet 2.0 Lottery

Putting the control into the customer’s hands is one of the underlying features of the age of the internet. Not only is no one is going to Blockbuster anymore, but the idea of having to wait for weeks to watch a movie is no longer something that the consumer will accept. We are in the age of Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and…. UK49’s.

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