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The Best Way to Play Lottery

Because the UK49s has so many different options we thought that we would look into the various playing strategies and see if there is one that stands out amongst the others as the best way. Firstly, for our decision on what is the best way to play the UK49s – this is our personal preference and has been deduced after years of playing the game and gaining feedback from players. Our research team spoke to long time UK49s players as well as newcomers and we even asked some people who haven’t yet played but are interested in doing so.


The Sensible Option

the sensible option to play is to choose a limited amount of numbers. Why make your odds grow exponentially by selecting additional numbers? The shortest odds are for the fewest numbers. In the UK49s this is for selecting one number to play. The odds for just one selected ball in the UK49s is 6 to 1. This option of only picking one number for a lottery where 6 balls are drawn is not an ordinary feature what so ever, in fact, it is only because of the specialized way that the UK49s is set up that allows one to pick only one ball.

Picking only one ball is the most sensible option, but it comes with a downside and that downside is the winning odds. No one plays the lottery dreaming of winning 6x their initial stake!

uk49s winning dream

The Pragmatic Option

Sensible is boring. What do you do if you want to play sensibly but don’t want to play boring. You take the pragmatic approach. the pragmatic option is to play and choose between 2-5 balls. Within these game options, your odds will grow exponentially (1 ball odds or 6:1, 2 balls are 54:1, 3 balls are 600:1 and 4 balls is 1,083 – odds change slightly depending on which UK49s lottery provider you are playing with).

The pragmatic approach is to select more than 1 ball. The choice becomes less and less pragmatic as you add picked balls. This is where you, the player, get to decide how lucky you are feeling that day and how pragmatic your lotto playing adventure will be; feeling extremely lucky, go play UK49s with 5 numbers and hope for the best…whatever your stake is you will receive 1,000x back if you match all the numbers!

The Extreme Option

The extreme option for the UK49s is really just the regular option for all the other lotteries out there that you may be familiar with. The US Powerball, arguably the biggest lottery in the world, only have the “extreme option” as you can only select all 6 numbers and a Powerball in order to enter the draw.

With the UK49s the extreme option is to go hell-for-leather and try and match all the drawn numbers in any given draw. The odds of matching this outcome is very small but the prize odds reflect this jump and the payouts are, of course, the biggest and best that the UK49s has to offer.


UK49s – A Lotto for Everyone

Whether you feel extremely lucky or feel like you’re having the worst day going – the UK49s is a lotto draw that has something for everyone. Scale up your odds and prize amounts to fit how you feel any given draw, any given day. The UK49s is a player-centric draw – the ball/s are literally in your court. Play today and find out if you are really as lucky as you feel.

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