COOL winning stories about UK49s

A student of masters was a bit surprised when her bet of £2 at her nearby Ladbrokes transformed into a

More UK49s Winners

Each winner of the lottery is exceptional and has a remarkable story. A lot of intriguing lottery stories have been

South Africa…The Best Place to Play UK49S

Lotto Game of South Africa UK49s was begun in the South Africa on 11 March 2000. This game has more

UK49s batch winning stories

14 June 2017 A lucky man who wishes not to be identified became winner of £125,000 from UK49s. He differed

UK49s syndicates – Improve your chances.

How Syndicates Work Essentially, lottery syndicates involves groups of individuals who combine their cash together to purchase additional tickets, thereby

Two Avid UK49s Players Hits the Jackpot

Two avid UK49s lotto players placed their bet on a record-breaking jackpot just like any other player. The total prize

UK49s Winner Uses Money to Finance Wedding

A lucky guy who wants to remain anonymous won £125,000 from the UK49s. Unlike other winners who splurged their winnings

Changes to the UK49s: Is It Really Easier to Win Now?

2015 saw many changes to the way that the UK49s system works, which included more numbers to pick from and

Two Lucky UK49s Winners Shared the £66 Million Prize

The highest UK49s Jackpot will be shared by two winners, according to the latest news.  Two lucky winners have managed

Two Lucky Winners Pocketed £66 Million of UK49 Lotto Jackpot

January 10th 2016 was the day when these two Lucky winners matched all the six numbers of the UK49s lottery