Changes to the UK49s: Is It Really Easier to Win Now?

2015 saw many changes to the way that the UK49s system works, which included more numbers to pick from and bigger jackpots. However, there are still debates if these changes have made it easier to win the UK49s or harder. There is also the debate on if the name should be changed to UK59s, because of the number limit change.

The Changes to UK49s

The main change to UK49s was that the number of balls that are used increased from 49 to 59. Another change was that the Millionaire Raffle guarantees a minimum of two new millionaires each draw. The last major change was that the amount of the average jackpot was tripled.

Is It Easier to Win?

While UK49s has more ways to play now, however, winning the jackpot is less likely than ever before. When you do win the UK49s jackpot now, you can expect to win more than you would have done on the previous version. According to statisticians, the chances of matching all six of the numbers have decreased from one in fourteen million, to one in 45 million. This means that it is over three times harder to hit the UK49s jackpot.

The increased amount of balls also lowers the chances of you winning by matching three balls. The old chances were one in 57, but are now one in 97. This means that it is harder to win at all.

UK49s winners

Should You Play?

The question of if you should be playing the new UK49s has come up a lot since the changes were applied. Winning is harder, especially if you are looking to win big. However, there are more ways of winning. The increased prize amounts can also make buying at least one ticket tempting for many people. The lower chances of winning have made some regular players look to other lotteries with better chances. If you want to play, it is worth a shot even with the changes that have been made to the game.

What Stayed the Same?

The changes to UK49s did not really change how the lottery worked or the cost. The cost of the tickets is still two pounds a line, and the smaller prizes that you can win have also stayed the same. This is one of the main reasons why so many people were mad about the changes to the UK49s. The larger prizes are bigger now, but the odds are not the same.

Most of the rules have stayed the same, with a few adjustments for the new numbers. This means that you can continue playing the UK49s like you have been.

The changes to the UK49s have been in place for over a year now.  The changes have affected the jackpots, but the rate of winning seems to have gone down. This could be caused by the odds being lower than ever before. However, even with the lower odds, many people are still buying tickets and watching the UK49s results. This could be a sign that more lotteries could be making changes to their numbers and prize pools in the near future.


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