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A student of masters was a bit surprised when her bet in UK49s Lottery of £2 at her nearby Ladbrokes transformed into a fortune of £1m.

Jirtchaya Klongjarn, who was born in Thailand, is a student of business at Chester University. She became the first woman in Britain to become a betting shop millionaire after she won the jackpot of UK49’s.

The 49 presents a lottery draw game that occurs two times a day. By using the millionaire coupon. Customers can even win a million pounds from only a £1 million stake when they match each of the six drawn numbers.

Klongjarn started playing this gambling game for four months and the other day missed out on a prize of £200k after choosing a varied draw for her numbers.

She said, ‘I am ecstatic and I am still unable to believe it!’ According to her, she informed her friends that she had been a winner of the 49’s and that she may have the opportunity to become a winner of a million and when she finally confirmed this, she was so thrilled.

‘I still find it unreal and I have not slept at all. At the beginning of the year, I experienced some bad luck; however, this has compensated for it. All my friends play the 49’s and they now say that in the entire group, I am the luckiest!’

The Chester fortune is Ladbroke’s second payout for a million pounds in one year after a jackpot was won in Bournemouth from a £4 stake in December 2013. The newest winner becomes a member of an exclusive club consisting of a maximum of 15 betting shop millionaires formed in history.

Ladbroke’s Alex Donohue stated, ‘We are extremely happy for our millionaire who made history.’

‘She stylishly beat the odds and more than compensated for her near miss at the beginning of summer and now she is the first woman to become part of the small club of the ones who were winners of a million in their betting shop at the locality.’

He also said that these jackpots are rarely won and therefore, the odds of two being experienced in less than one year are very slim.


Man From Dumfries becomes the first betting shop millionaire in Scotland from £1 punt

A fortunate punter has turned into the first betting shop millionaire in Scotland from a stake of £1. He became the winner of this fortune on the lottery game for 49s, which was played at bookies.

This lucky winner, called Stuart Smith from Dumfries to have placed his bet at High Street, Ladbrokes.

According to Ladbrokes, it took one day for their client to discover the amount of cash he had won using his digits 3, 13, 23, 33, 43 and 44.

Alex Donohue from the firm stated, ‘When the shop screen displayed his lucky numbers, he erroneously believed he was a winner of £100,000.

‘He left the store and came back the following day to encounter a celebratory screen telling him about his entire fortune of 1 million. This amount is a record breaker for a betting shop in the state.’

‘He has realized the dream of each punter of small stakes in the region.’

‘It is among the most remarkable happenings we have ever come across. We are extremely excited for him and hope he has fun with his huge jackpot.’

Punter wins big with similar 4 lucky UK49s numbers

A Carterton grandfather stylishly celebrated the New Year with Betfred bookmaker by winning more than £100,000. The punter attempted the everyday 49’s lottery game and made another win on this game.

This was another win in the sense that for him, this presented another prize pot. The last win was for correctly guessing the four numbers. Taking his game’s tally to more than £320,000 the previous three years. Betfred states that this punter has played similar four numbers for all those wins.

10, 12, 17 and 19 are the lucky numbers for this punter. They are important as these dates signify when some of his family members were born.

Through the years, this same punter has utilized these numbers to become a winner six times. Selecting £20,000 two times, £40,000 two times and £100,000 two times now.

Betting on this lottery is similar to trying the National Lottery. You select up to six digits from the available 49. Then you are in a position to win even £150,000 for correctly guessing each of the six numbers.

Local Café Waiter Wins UK49s Jackpot

Joseph Smith (alias) who worked as a waiter at a Norfolk Street local café is no longer waiting to strike it rich. Each day, Mr. Smith ensures he never misses one day in his job. To ensure he takes home a salary of £260 each week.

At times he works extra hours. In order to make sure that he has sufficient cash to pay for his rent and bills each month. But, after becoming the winner of £4.1 million jackpot prize for UK49s. Smith can retire and lead a comfortable life.

Joseph Smith’s Winning Story

Joseph, 25 years old is a resident of Westminster London. He has played UK49s online religiously for 2 years and more now. Even though he has never won even a small jackpot previously. He somehow had a feeling that in the end, he would win the jackpot.

Joseph informed the press that he nearly forgot to bet that day, as he was too fatigued after working extra hours. He then remembered he needed to bet on the lottery game.

The day after, Smith was busy working at a shop nearby when he overheard some individuals from another table stating that the £4.1 million jackpot prize belonged to one winner.

When he remembered his ticket, he told himself he needed to examine the results of UK49s to discover whether he had become the winner of the minor jackpot.

Ongoing back home, he instantly went online to check the result and was amazed when he discovered that the winning numbers matched his ticket’s numbers.

Smith intends to take a tour with his parents to the Caribbean and also take his dad to Disneyland. In addition, Smith desires to have his personal mechanical shop in his hometown.

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