Couple from Greece take Home an $80K UK49 Jackpot

Anyone who knows anything about the lottery is aware that some of the biggest lottery jackpots are paid out by the UK49 Lottery. It has been known to reach some massive figures when it comes to jackpots and has changed the future for a large number of people. Thanks to the internet, people from all over the world have been able to participate in the UK49 draws and take home big prizes. But, the odds of the game are also quite tough and there is no guarantee that you will win. Patrick and Melissa Philips knew how difficult it was to win the UK49 Lottery, but they didn’t let that stop them from buying a ticket regularly.

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The couple, who lived in Greece, had gotten married in their twenties and had been working ever since to provide their kids with a good life. They tried to do the best they could, which meant they had to make a lot of sacrifices over the years. But, they wanted the opportunity to do better for the kids as well as themselves. The only way they could think of doing so was by winning the lottery. After all, that’s the easiest way of becoming rich.

However, all they won were a few hundred dollars every now and then and that became routine. Every time they won, they would simply take the kids out for dinner or on a shopping spree. When they participated in the draw in July of 2017, they were not really expecting to win more than the figure they usually won. Patrick had bought the ticket from a nearby store and he checked the numbers in the evening as he usually did. He realized he had won a prize, but again he didn’t pay that much attention to the amount.

He went to the store the next day to claim the prize and was informed by the clerk who scanned his ticket that he had to go to the Lottery headquarters. He was told that the prize was higher than $600 so it couldn’t be paid out at the store. That got Patrick really excited because he and Melissa had been thinking about taking a trip with the kids and their youngest wanted to buy the PlayStation 4. He figured they could do both with whatever they had won. So, it definitely came off as a big surprise when he went to the headquarters and realized that he had won $80k.

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That was a whopper and he couldn’t wait to get home and tell his wife and kids about it. He rushed home as fast as he could and found his wife in the kitchen. She was making dinner and screamed at the top of her lungs when he told her. The kids came running in and were told the good news. None of them could believe it could happen to them. One minute they were living perfectly ordinary lives and then things had changed drastically in the next.

All family members immediately began talking about what they wanted to do and within a few hours, they had managed to come up with plans that involved the money finishing up. Obviously, that’s not what Patrick and Melissa wanted and they told the kids to calm down. They decided to hire a lawyer to help them with the legal proceedings. Melissa managed to maintain a cool head and told the kids that they were not going to blow up the money. They wanted to ensure that everyone had a secure financial future. Patrick’s wife decided that they would invest some of the winnings, spend some on vacation and things that the kids wanted and also donate money to some good causes.

Patrick agreed with Melissa and it took some convincing, but the kids also accepted it. The parents wanted their kids to have a good education and be able to go to good schools. Also, Melissa did not wish to work such long hours anymore and this gave her the opportunity to cut back her work load. The couple were delighted with the chance of doing what they wanted without having to think about the consequences, something they hadn’t been able to do for a long time.

The question that most people have is how they did it? It is a given that every person wants to win the lottery, especially the UK49 Lottery, but it is easier said than done. So, how did Patrick and Melissa Phillips come up with the numbers that allowed them to win? Initially, the couple had chosen to play the lottery with their birthdays and anniversary date, but that hadn’t gotten them the results they wanted. When they had kids, they decided to combine all their birthdays and continued to use the numbers.

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Apparently, their consistency finally paid off when they won the whopping prize. The good thing was that no other player used the same combination so the prize didn’t have to be divided. The couple collected the prize in the form of a lump sum, which was still considerable after state and federal laws. They even shared their winnings with some of their family members who were dealing with some tough times. Yes, they did spend money on the tickets over the years, but they still got a higher return, thanks to the huge prize they won.

This story proves that not all UK49 Lottery winners end up worse than they were before winning the jackpot. Patrick and Melissa showed that there is a right way to use your winnings to ensure that you are able to have a secure future. Plus, they also proved that being consistent can actually work in your favor and enable you to win a prize in the long run. As far as numbers are concerned, you can choose to play your own lucky numbers, birthdays or even fully random numbers when participating in the UK49 Lottery and that just might help you in winning the biggest prize of your life.

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