Cryptocurrency Gambling and Casinos – What You Should Know

It can offer players not only a brand new range of games to play but also a completely different way to handle transactions to and from their gambling outlet

Cryptocurrency has seen a huge rise in the last few years, Bitcoin made headlines in each and every type of media in the last 18 months including huge media outlets and websites such as Globes and CNN. Lately we have been seeing less news than the previous months, ever since Bitcoin plunged by %50 in just a couple of days – however, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are still paving the way to the future and will most likely still be around and even more widespread than ever in the future. Start-ups are using cryptocurrencies at a fast rate more than ever before and soon we will probably be able to pay at the supermarket or go shopping at any mall with cryptocurrencies.

So what about cryptocurrency gambling? Gambling is a realm where cryptocurrencies use is highly widespread and was so long before its mainstream acceptance even before the 2013 boom and beyond. A large portion of Bitcoin and crypto transactions each day are cryptocoins being used on various gambling platforms and websites by people who want to stay anonymous while gambling and not have to make any transactions between their credit card company or bank account with the gambling website or platform.

Every second that goes by there are hundreds of bets and wagers placed on various websites and platforms, using cryptocurrencies instead of fiat currency like dollars or euros. Many regulated and licensed online casinos and trustworthy online gambling agencies such as, mbitcasino and bitstarz are also on the rise as they are safer than unregulated platforms.

Bitcoin casinos are not a new phenomenon, the first Bitcoin casinos were started more than 5 years ago. The number of available games is an almost never-ending list which includes Bitcoin Blackjack, Bitcoin Roulette, Bitcoin Poker, Bitcoin Craps and much much more. There is even a regulated Bitcoin Lottery game at LottoLand. All of these types of games are cryptocurrency – and – blockchain friendly.

Cryptocurrency Gambling
Cryptocurrency Gambling

Online gambling has it’s ups and downs and specially in the USA it has been problematic. With trusted cryptocurrency gambling platforms this will soon be a thing of the past, although Bitcoin Gambling and casinos are a very small portion of the whole online gambling industry at the moment, they are slowly becoming a very much larger portion of the regulated and licensed online gambling industry.

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