Denmark Lotto Games Online, All You Need To Know

The Danish lotto is offering them to each one of the loyal players in this popular lottery, a prize pool of more than 6 million Kr (Danish corona) for the first category. The bigger boat that is Denmark’s national lottery has offered to its players exceeds 38 million kr. So, if you are planning to try their luck playing the lotto Danish. We recommend that you know everything you need to know for the games of the lotto of Denmark, to have many more chances to win.

What is the best way to win?

Each of the players has to select 7 main numbers in an array of numbers that goes from 1 to 36. Including a number of additional popularly known as “tillaegstal”. In the case of hits to the winning numbers of the lottery ticket and the additional number. Then you will be crowned as the winner of the grand prize of more than 38 million kr.

It is known with certainty that the odds of winning the first prize with a pot of 6 million kr 1 are between 61, which is very likely that anyone wins the weekly draw. The odds of winning the maximum jackpot are 1 between 8,347,680 that, when compared with other lotteries, this gives players many more hopes to be able to win it.

Other major characteristics of the Danish Lotto is that, offers to each one of the 5 national and international players game categories loaded with incredible cash prizes. Among the awards in each category we have the following:

  • Category 1: hit 7 numbers=6million kr
  • Category 2: hit 6 numbers bonus=123 thousand kr
  • Category 3: hit 6 numbers=1.932 kr
  • Category 4: hit 5 numbers= 106 kr
  • Category 5: hit 4 numbers= 50 kr

The latest results of the Danish Lotto weekly drawing was accompanied with a pot of 10 million kr where a total of 95 thousand players won prizes.

The drawings of the lotto in Denmark are held every Wednesday of the week. In case there is no winner in the week, then that boat is accumulated for the next round until a lucky player with the correct numbers of the lottery and win. There are many tricks that participants use to be able to give you the jackpot. This indicate that to win the main prize you must select numbers that are going in the opposite direction. Example: (61, 48, 31, 7, 22, 28, 15) and the number of loto “tillaegstal” which is generated during the draw.

Denmark EuroJackPot lotto

Another recognized lottery that is played in Denmark is the popular EuroJackPot lotto, which has plenty of incredible prizes for each of the participants from all over the world. If the entire world today thanks to the internet. Any person of any part of the world can perfectly play the lottery in the country that you want through the websites available on the net. The only thing you have to do is register on the website where you want to play. Get ready to select the lotto you want to play, you select the numbers of good luck, pay and wait for it to arrive on the day of the drawing.

The more lotteries in the world play more chances of winning. The EuroJackPot is a European lottery that has arrived to revolutionize to more than 18 countries in all of Europe. The awards are more than amazing and the rules of the game are very simple to learn.

How to play EuroJackPot lotto online?

It is very simple The first thing you have to do is:

  • Select 5 main numbers in an array that goes from 1 to 50. In addition, you select 2 additional numbers in an array that goes from 1 to 10.
  • You have up to 12 categories of awards that you can win in case you didn’t land on the main numbers of the Grand Prix this week is going to more than 53 million euros.
  • Once you select the main numbers to win the jackpot, you make the payment of your lottery ticket.
  • In case you are one of the lucky winners of any of the 12 categories of awards. Then the customer care agent of the corresponding website will contact you. In order to tell you the steps that you must follow to claim your prize.
  • Do not forget that the main rule universal to play any type of lottery in the world is that, you have to be at least 18 years.

The awards of the EuroJackPot lotto in special awards category 1 and category 2 are the biggest prizes of the lottery of Europe surpassing the jackpots of the Euromillions. So, we recommend to do not hesitate more and dare to play the lottery in Denmark. Win fabulous prizes loaded with a lot of winners that come out every time.

The minimum jackpot that is of 10 million euros increases every week in case there is no winner. The maximum jackpot that is of 90 million euros does not increase its quantity. This has a limit of money accumulated and in case of double this will be distributed in an additional category known as the “Sweepstakes Match 51). The main concept of the EuroJackPot lotto is that more players can get plenty of additional awards. With 12 categories of awards, which you begin to win from the 3 main numbers.

The lotteries of the world are without a doubt one of the most lucrative games on the planet. Since it gives them the opportunity to millions of people to earn unimaginable amounts of money and change their lifestyle. It is for this reason that hundreds of thousands of new players are added to this legal gambling game. With the hopes of being one of the lucky winners of any boat millionaire drawn by the lotteries of each one of the countries.

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