Ecstatic Lottery Winner Takes Home $100,000!

You might not become a millionaire from UK49s; however, it ranks among the simplest lotto games you can play. For only £1 or an equivalent of about £129, players get the opportunity to win £125,000 two times every day.

UK49 is played each day at lunchtime and teatime. You can access the UK49s outcomes immediately the draw comes to a close. Its website also enables you to find out whether you are a winner or not.

Below is one fantastic winner story.

Chester MBA Student Wins Big!

An MBA learner from Chester has become the first woman in Britain to become a millionaire after winning the lottery jackpot for UK49s from only £1.

Thirty-four-year-old Jirtchaya Klongjarn managed to match each of the six digits of the famous betting shop lottery game after placing two bets with £1 in a Chester Ladbrokes branch. The two bets were successful, and she won a whopping £1,000,000 in total!

It is the second time Klongjarn has been lucky, even though she has been playing this lottery for only four months. The first time, she narrowly missed winning a fortune of £2000,000 after choosing a different draw for her digits by mistake. Her earlier big win was in June for £601.

The student, who comes from Thailand selected 8 and 12, since her birthday falls on 12 August, then randomly picked the others.

Klongjarn’s Reaction after the big win

‘This win has exhilarated me, and I am unable to believe it,’ she stated. ‘I informed my buddies that I had become a winner in the 49s and that I may be in a position to win one million. Later when I realized I had won, I was so thrilled.’

‘It still feels unreal, and I have not slept at all. At the beginning of the year, I experienced some bad luck, but this has compensated for it. All my friends play the 49s, and now they say that in the entire group I am the luckiest.’

Klongjarn and her buddies had already made bookings to travel to Chester racecourse on Friday, 12 September. They will celebrate her big win there, and she will give her mother who resides in Thailand part of the winnings.

Playing UK49s in the UK

The 49s presents a famous lottery-kind draw game that occurs two times each day. Customers even win one million pounds on the millionaire coupon from only a £1 stake by matching each of the six numbers drawn.

The Chester windfall is the second payout for a million pounds for Ladbroke in one year, after a jackpot won from a stake of £4 in December 2013 at Bournemouth. This newest winner becomes part of a unique club of just 15 betting shop millionaires made in history.

Alex Donohue, the Ladbrokes spokesperson, said, ‘She has beaten the odds by making up for her earlier near miss.’

‘She is currently the first woman to become part of the small club of the ones who won in the betting shop in their locality.’

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