GD Lotto

GD Lotto

Play the Grand Dragon Lottery for Some Fun and Excitement

Special tip: One of the biggest benefits that players can enjoy when playing the Grand Dragon Lottery is that they are not subjected to any income tax

The face of numerous industries has changed due to technological development and the use of the internet. There have been some drastic changes in the entertainment world and this also includes the lottery industry. Gone are the days when players had to find a local lottery outlet for buying tickets, filling out a slip and then paying for it.

GD Lotto Countries and Operators

Nowadays, they have the option of enjoying the lottery online through websites or even through apps, which can save a lot of time and also offer a lot of convenience. Amongst the various games that players can now enjoy, there is one called the Grand Dragon Lotto, the leading Asian lottery provider. The lottery operator allows players from Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia and Vietnam to participate in the four-digit numbers game, which is an exciting and fun game.

GD Lotto, Grand Dragon Lottery
GD Lotto, Grand Dragon Lottery

One of the major reasons why the GD Lotto has gained popularity is because it is a game that has very simple rules, but has the potential of offering spectacular prizes, as long as players are able to make accurate guesses when it comes to winning numbers. They stream the lottery draws directly from their casino in the Kandal Province and the atmosphere of the Grand Dragon casino is undoubtedly magical

GD Lotto Draws

The GD Lotto has a very long history in Asia and has been ongoing since 1951, the first 4D lottery game. A fact that appeals to lottery players is that they get multiple opportunities in a week to win some really hefty prizes. There are three draws conducted in a week, on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday night. This means that every player has three distinct chances of taking home the jackpot, which can definitely be a perk. Another appealing fact about the Grand Dragon Lottery is that the cost of playing the game is very low. You only have to spend $1 for participating and this is very less as opposed to the prizes that are paid out. The smallest prize is $60, which is an impressive return.

The GD Lotto has committed itself to provide the people with a reliable and transparent lottery game they can enjoy. They want to offer lottery fans with fun and thrilling options and have implemented the highest standards of honesty and performance to ensure there is no tampering of any kind. 100% transparency is ensured by the Grand Dragon Lottery not just to the players, but also the government and there is absolutely no human intervention in the draws.

When you want to participate in the 4-digit lottery game, you will find that there are five betting choices that can be used. The requirements and prizes for every betting option are different and you can decide what works for you when you want to play. Let’s take a look at all the options:

The first betting option is called 4D Big and this big package option involves matching all 23 results with the 4D number. The prize you can win through this option varies for every category.

4D Prizes

The next betting option is known as 4D Small and the first, second and third prize numbers need to be matched with the 4D numbers in order to win. The unique thing about this betting option is that it offers a higher first prize than the big package.

4D A is the third betting option and is perhaps the simplest as it only has the first prize so all four number need to be matched to win. It is also called 4D Single A package.

The fourth betting option is called the 3D ABC package and as the name indicates, requires place to match three digits against the 4D prize number in the first, second and third category.

The last betting option is referred to as 3D A and this also requires a 3 digit match, but only for the first prize numbers.

There are a total of 13 winning positions here, which start from A and go as high as M. The prizes offered for every betting option are substantial. The top prizes that players can win, depending on what betting option they go for are:

For 4D Big, the first prize starts at $2,500, the second prize is about $1,000, the third and fourth are $200 and $60 respectively. They are also referred to as the Starter Prize and Consolation Prize. This prize is for every $1 you spend on the GD Lotto.

For 4D Small, the first prize is higher than the big package and is valued at $3,500. The second and third prizes are $2,000 and $1,000 respectively.

There is only one prize offered in 4D Single A and it is a spectacular $6,000.

The first, second and third prizes that are available when you play through the 3D ABC betting option are $250, $210 and $150.

For the last betting option i.e. 3D A, the prize that a player can take home is $660.

These winnings are paid rather quickly and the claiming process is also quite simple. There is no fraud of any kind involved here as the winning money is 100% genuine.

One of the biggest benefits that players can enjoy when playing the Grand Dragon Lottery is that they are not subjected to any income tax so they can take home their entire winnings and this has also contributed to its popularity. The drawing process itself is quite simple and transparent and can be viewed on different platforms, as per the convenience of the players. The position of the upcoming numbers is first decided by drawing a ball with letters ranging from A till W. For instance, if C is drawn, this means that the upcoming number will be for C’s position.

There are four transparent lottery machines used for drawing out four numbers to form a combination and they are referred to as D2, D3, D4 and D5 respectively. For instance, if the number drawn from D2 is 6, D3 is 5, D4 is 8 and D5 is 1, then the number combination will be 6581. The question of who takes the first, second and third prizes is determined by drawing three more balls from a total of 13. These three balls are labeled with alphabets in the range of A till M.

Nonetheless, one of the most amazing features of the GD Lotto, which has worked wonders for its popularity, is the option of the Bonus Jackpot. This is apart from the promotions and bonuses paid out by the GD Lotto on holidays and other special occasions and events. The idea of the Bonus jackpot was introduced especially for the loyal players of the Grand Dragon Lottery, which is why only players who use 4D Big and 4D Small betting options are candidates for winning this jackpot. The good part is that this jackpot can rollover if no one wins it and can be taken home by the next players. Spending every $1 gets players a 1 unit share of the Bonus jackpot and these shares increase with the amount that is spent. There are three kinds of bonuses that can be won; the small bonus, big bonus and the super bonus.

Of the thirteen positions ranging from A to M, one position is fixed as the bonus position and if your 4D number falls into that position, you can win the prize.

The super bonus earns players the 1st prize along with 100% from the whole jackpot pool. The second prize and 50% from the prize pool is given out in the form of big bonus. The last, small bonus, is paid out with the third prize and 30% of the prize pool. Players should bear in mind that if there is more than one ‘Qualified Winner’, the prize will be divided amongst each of them as per the number of share units they have.

Apart from paying out the prizes and the Bonus jackpot, the GD Lotto uses the funds and revenue it generates for donating to different charities. Their goal is not just to earn profit from themselves, but also work for causes that can help in improving the society. One of the biggest causes to which the GD Lotto donates money is for providing people with gambling education. While lottery games are supposed to be fun and interesting, those with gambling addiction can turn it into a competition that ends up consuming all their money.

The game of lottery doesn’t just offer prizes; a lot of people have to lose for someone to win. Therefore, the GD Lotto should only be played for the purpose of entertainment and fun and not as a means of generating an income. This means that participants should play responsibly and not go overboard. The GD Lotto repeats this message over and over again in all of its messages and products in order to create awareness amongst the players. On their website, you can find comprehensive detail about the various signs of gambling addiction and they have also set up a hotline that’s available 24 hours.

Those who have a problem can use this hotline for getting in touch with trained counselors and get help for their problems. Grand Dragon Lottery also donates funds for organization education sessions for this problem. Furthermore, GD Lotto also aims to protect its clients and customers from the other threats that are widespread on the internet such as lottery scams. There have been a variety of these that have taken place since the lottery industry went online and have managed to scare off some players.

Therefore, Grand Dragon Lottery has come up with the Zero Lottery Scam, which has been designed to encrypt all financial information that’s shared with them by the players. All transactions that take place are heavily encrypted and cannot be viewed by outside parties, which means that players don’t have to worry about their sensitive details being compromised. They also protect all other personal information that the players share because they are aware of the importance of privacy and want their users to feel as secure as possible when using their platform. They have also established a responsive and friendly customer support team that can provide assistance, if necessary.

GD Lotto Results and Prizes

The GD Lotto has made it very simple for players to participate in the 4-digit game. An account can easily be made online and they offer a multitude of payment methods for both deposits and withdrawals. Players can add funds with ease and buy as many tickets as they like and if they do win a prize, it can also be withdrawn with the same convenience. They have an innovative design and their transparent and fair draws work in their favor. You can use your computer, tablet or laptop for viewing the draw results live or a mobile app can also be downloaded as it is available on the App Store and Play Store.

How to Play GD Lotto Online

This saves you from the hassle of visiting outlets as in the traditional games and you can still try your hand at impressive prizes. The Grand Dragon Lottery also provides its players with the option of using Quick Pick for generating their lottery numbers. This option is available in-store as well and you can use it online too with just a click of a button. You can exercise this option if you believe that random numbers can get you the prize.

However, if you want to choose the numbers yourself, you need to be very cautious because your choice can decide if you will get a prize or not. There are different tricks that can be used by the players. For instance, you can make a lottery pool in which several players’ pool in money with others and buy a large number of tickets with different combinations. Even if one ticket wins, the prize is divided amongst all members of the pool. Creating lottery pools can increase your odds of winning the GD Lotto without increasing the cost.

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