He Thought He Was Going to Go Bankrupt before UK 49s Changed Everything

There are always some interesting stories associated with lottery wins. Some people have to wait for years before they win anything and some win on their first attempt. Some are happy with small winnings whereas others go home with life changing prize money. You will hear today’s story from a person whose life was going down in the worst way possible. Due to some bad choices in life, this person was trapped under a huge burden of debts. There was no way for him to return he owed money with a regular job, but UK 49s changed everything for him. Let’s hear his story in his own words.

I Was Paying for the Wrong Lifestyle Choices

I was young when I had started to dream of owning things like expensive phones, laptops, and other gadgets. I would not settle for cheap clothing, and had to wear some branded clothes wherever I went. And to fulfill my wants, I did not hold myself from taking loans. If you look into my credit history, you would find dozens of payday loans. I always thought I could pay them back but realized it after several years that they were not designed to be paid back that easily. What made matters worse for me were the loans I took from my friends and relatives. I knew they were not willing to give me their money but they could not say not to me.

uk49s lunchtime results for today 2019

Things started going downhill for me when people started knocking on my door and calling on my phone to collect the money back. I realized after a few calls and conversations with the creditors that they were not joking. I started to focus on my job but I did not make enough to return the huge pile of money I had taken from so many different people. I was stressed out and my health was going down because of the stress overkill. I was always thinking about ways to make enough money to return all the debts and live a free life.

I had started to fear going out of the house. I often did not pick up the calls on the phone thinking that some creditor must have been calling. My life was miserable and I was looking for ways to make things better. I had done the math in every possible way and I had figured out that my job was not going to help me pay off my debts.

I Found out about UK 49s

One of my friends who had also given me some money at one point was always in contact with me. He had even told me he did not want the money back. However, he was always discussing my options with me. It was this friend who once told me to try my luck in lotteries. At first, I found the idea of participating in lotteries to pay off my debts a bit fantasy like. However, I realized later that I had to try my options no matter how unbelievable they appeared to me. What else could I have done? I was going to go bankrupt and start off from the beginning.

I found out about UK 49s and liked the idea of this lottery. I liked this lottery because the draws take place two times every single day. This high frequency of draws gave me hope that something big was going to happen sooner than I thought. I also loved the idea that I could decide how much I was going to place as a bet on the lottery. So, I was not completely relying on the outcome of the lottery. In fact, I could increase the outcome by increasing my stake.

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The Unimaginable Happened

Despite my tight budget and financial plight, I always made sure to participate in UK 49s at least four times every month. Sometimes, I participated even more. Nothing happened for the first five months and these five months were agonizing for me. I was relying on a lottery outcome but I could not have told any creditor that I was going to return their money by winning a lottery. Imagine how funny it would sound if someone promised to return your money with lottery winnings. While trying other ways, I was relying on my lottery bets as well. Finally, something unimaginable happened.

I checked the results for the tea time draw and I could not believe what I was looking at. I went out in the street and breathed a few times. I shook my head several times and came back inside the house. I washed my face and checked the results again. Nothing changed really. I had matched five of my chosen numbers with a £2 bet on the lottery. The amount I had won was more than I could have ever imagined. Not only was it going to enable me to pay off my debts but a lot of other great things were going to happen in my life too.

Next thing you know, I paid off all my debts. I can’t even describe the feeling I had when I was returning the owed loans and the looks on the faces of the creditors. Most importantly, I was going to do something special for my friend who was always there with me through thick and thin. I returned four times the money I owed him.

UK49s Lucky Numbers for Today

Life Is Beautiful Yet Again

My life is beautiful yet again. It’s like the colors of the world have returned and a huge weight has lifted off my shoulders. You will be surprised to know that I have also planned a trip with my best friend. I am going to go to some island destination with him. I have not found the girl of my dreams yet but I am happier to take my friend who was my only hope and support during the times when I was thinking of all the wrong things. I would advise the readers to do what I have done too. When you feel your life is stuck, try whatever options you have available no matter how impossible they sound.

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