His Observation Won Him the Prize That Changed His Life

It can be hard to believe that you can win a lottery with your observation. However, unusual things happen in this world every day. Things you won’t believe in normal circumstances often several times in a day around the world. Unfortunately, there is no universal camera to record all of those incidents. Today’s story is of a person who won a huge prize in the UK 49s lottery only because of his observation. No, there is no way for you to hack the lottery or know any patterns that would help you predict the upcoming lottery results. Even this person did not predict any numbers. However, he did something that’s tremendously unusual. Let’s hear the story from the man himself.

My Observation Was Always Praised

Since my teenage years, I was always admired for my observation. My friends used to take advice from me about the matters of their lives because of my observation. I am proud to tell you that my friends did not have a pinch of ego in them. They were happy to admit that my observation was much better and sharper than theirs. When you are a good observer of things, you don’t get deceived. You can tell from certain actions, body language, and the way people talk whether or not they will be faithful with you. However, I used my talent in something that changed my life in a big way.

My Lottery Participation without Any Results

I was always interested in lotteries and had been participating in them since I reached the legal age. I was always noticing things around me to break the code and know how I could predict the numbers of the lottery. However, the biggest thing that I had observed was that lotteries were completely random and that you could not predict the numbers no matter what you did. I did come up with a conclusion though. I was sure that the only way to beat the lottery was with luck. How can you beat someone with luck? Read on to know.

My Wife Had Her Lucky Moments

I had been married to my wife for 10 years now. I knew her more than anyone else in this world. I can tell you for sure that I know my wife more than her parents know her. There was something unusual about my wife. On many occasions, I had noticed her saying words like, “I feel lucky today so I think I should do it.” I once came to her and told her about a job opportunity. The problem was that I was already doing a job and was not sure that the opportunity I had was worth it. When I discussed it with my wife, her words were, “I have this weird feeling that this job will be lucky for you.” I left my ongoing job and joined the new one.

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I could not be any happier than I was after getting this job. I found the best boss, the best working environment, and the best colleagues to work with.

After this incident, I had made up my mind that I was going to use my wife’s “weird lucky feelings” to win the lottery. I was waiting for the day when she uttered those words again. It did not take long before that day arrived.

I Asked My Wife to Pick the Numbers

So, I was having breakfast with my wife when she said this, “I feel happy today. I don’t know maybe it is my lucky day today and something big is going to happen.” I picked up my smartphone from my room instantly, went back to her, and asked her to pick five numbers. She was looking at me with a shocked face but I asked her to pick the numbers anyway. She picked the numbers one by one. I was sure that I was going to win big time so I put a stake of £2 on my five numbers. I told my wife that something big was really going to happen. I asked her to wait for the lunch time draw of the lottery.

My Wife and I Did the Impossible

Yes, I with my wife had done something that any person in the world would call impossible. There is no way for you to beat the randomness of a lottery. Of course, I did not beat the randomness of the lottery but as I said earlier, I was going to beat the lottery with luck. It was my wife’s lucky day and I had made her pick the numbers. When I checked the results, I had matched all five of the numbers she had picked. My stake on the UK 49s lottery bet was £2 so the prize money was much bigger than I had imagined. It was not million pounds but the amount that we had won was definitely enough to change our lives.

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We Are Living the Dream Today

Today, we are living a life with our children that we had only dreamed of. You might ask if it was my wife who did the impossible or me. I would say that it was our effort that won us the lottery. My wife would not have ever known about her lucky days and the UK 49s lottery. On the other hand, I would not have won the lottery without my wife. It was her luck that brought us the money that we so direly needed. At the same time, it was my observation that made us use her luck to our advantage.

Can You Win a Lottery With Observation?

I can proudly tell people my story and I often do. However, I want to advise people who participate in lotteries to use their observation to their advantage too. If you don’t think your luck is kind enough to win you something big, you should look for someone in your immediate family who has a golden page in their book of fortune. It does not have to be your lucky day for you to win the lottery. Let your mother, father, son, daughter or wife’s lucky day to be a life changing day in your life.

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