How to Spot a Lottery Scam- Tips to Know

It is perfectly normal for people to get excited when they get an email informing them that they have won the lottery. After all, who doesn’t want to be a winner? If the lottery email is from your lottery pool manager, your lottery agent or the lottery website like UK49s itself, there is the reason for you to be excited. But, if it is from someone unknown, then it is nothing but a lottery scam and needs to be disregarded. Lottery scams do happen and have become far more common than most people realize. Every day, millions of inboxes get the email that gives them the good news. While the content may vary, most will mention that you have won a huge prize, which is usually in millions.

These emails come off as very plausible ones because they use official names in order to come off as genuine. In fact, names of respectable and renowned companies may also be quoted in an attempt to convince you of their legitimacy. So, how do you spot a lottery scam? The signs are very obvious and apparent, though it can be difficult to see past the possibility that you have won a staggering sum of money that can change your life.

Here are some of the tips to know how to spot a lottery scam:

  1. The lottery will never contact you to inform you that you have won. When you participate in a lottery on UK49s or any other website, it is always your responsibility to check the tickets and then collect your winnings. If the lottery company gets in touch with you via email, phone or any other way, it is best to ignore because it is your job to find out if you have won the prize or not.
  2. Check the email address from which you received the email. If the email address is Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail or some other generic free email address provider, then you don’t need to go any further. In case you are unsure, you can put the bit after @ and enter it into the browser to see where it leads. If it doesn’t take you to a lottery organizer, it is definitely a scam.
  3. While the sender’s address can be faked by scammers and spammers, they do need you to contact them somehow so they provide you with an email address to use for contacting them. You can enter the email address into the browser by typing www. in front of it and see where you end up. Bear in mind that a genuine lottery website, such as UK49s, will never use a free email account for contacting their jackpot winners.
  4. If you have genuinely won the lottery, you don’t have to pre-pay for your prize. If the email is asking for a free to process your winnings, then it is guaranteed to be a scam. Any kind of fee or taxes is always deducted from the prize itself and winners don’t have to pay anything. Never pay anything to collect a lottery prize that you have won.
  5. Go over the email and check the standard of grammar and English used in it. How good is it? The lottery scam emails that are usually sent out are often written poorly by people who have a very limited grasp of English. Good websites, like UK49s, send out impeccable emails that have appropriate grammar and English.
  6. Sometimes, scammers use a different approach. Instead of telling you that you have won, they will get in touch and inform you that they have a winning lottery ticket. There are numerous fake lottery tickets available, which include both scratch and drawing tickets. Often times, the scammers claim that they have a winning ticket, but are unable to claim their prize because of their immigration status or another similar issue. Never fall for such tricks.
  7. Instead of directly asking for money, in some scam emails, the scammers will ask you to share your personal details as well as your bank account information in order to get your winnings. Again, this is just a trick because UK49s and other professionals never demand such confidential and sensitive information. Scammers want to use it for committing identity theft or for draining your bank account. Thus, never share your details via email.
  8. Any email that you receive with a subject line referencing to lottery winnings should be deleted or marked as spam. If you have not entered the lottery, it is simply not possible for you to win it. Sometimes, these scams claim that your email was chosen randomly because it is common for people to share their email on various websites. Nonetheless, remember that there is no such thing as random email selection in lotteries and unless you have entered yourself, you cannot win.
  9. Use the help of Google when you get an email. There are situations where all the other signs may not exist when you wish to spot a scam. In this case, you can enter the name of the company and other people mentioned in the email on Google and do a search. Most common scams are usually listed online and you will be able to avoid them. Plus, you can also reach out to the official company through the email provided on their website to get a confirmation.
  10. If they provide you with a phone number, don’t call on it. You can do a reverse phone number search on Google to check its authenticity. If it is a cell phone number, it is undoubtedly a bad sign. Likewise, never cash any checks that claim that you have won the lottery. Their purpose is to only get access to your bank account, which is later compromised.

These are some of the most prominent tips that you can use for knowing when someone is trying to trap you in a lottery scam. Always be on the lookout when you decide to play the lottery online.

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