I Get Several Moments of Happiness Because of UK49s

Lottery players have different motives when they participate in a lottery. Furthermore, some people play for the jackpot while others play just to win. You don’t necessarily have to win a lottery jackpot to be happy. Some people are happy with small wins and keep winning small prizes regularly. You are going to ready an amazing story of an interesting person today. He does not play for the big win, but rather focuses on small wins. How does he do that? Let’s find it out from him.

My Friend Brought Me to Lotteries

I had no interest in lottery tickets ever. In my family, I had never heard anyone talk about lottery ever. In fact, before I bought my first lottery ticket, I had no idea what lotteries were all about and what their rules were. However, I made a friend when I joined my first job. This person was always talking about lotteries. He used to buy a lot of lottery tickets every week. He was always aiming for lotteries that had huge jackpots. Me and the colleagues in the office used to laugh at him because he had not won anything from any lottery ever.

However, I have to admire that he had a lot of patience and perseverance because he never backed down from buying tickets. I once had an argument with him about the way he participated in the lotteries. I asked him in detail about the lotteries and after finding out some basic information I told him to change his strategy. I told him that he had to change his focus and that he had to play lotteries wherein he had lots of chances of winning. He rather focused on huge jackpots.  After a long argument, we reached a point where he said, “Why don’t you act on your own strategy?” I said yes to him and that’s when I started looking for my options.

I Discovered UK49s

I started searching for lotteries online. My goal was to find a lottery in which I had high chances of winning the lottery. I knew high odds meant huge jackpots, but they also meant low chances of winning. I found a few lotteries in which there were 13 ways of winning. However, the lottery that got my attention the most was UK49s. This was the lottery in which I had a chance to make money off my bets even if I matched only one number. Not to mention, I had control over my winnings. I could choose the size of the bet and increase my winnings for matching even one or just two numbers.

Next day in the office, I told my friend about the lottery and also about my strategy of winning. I told him that I was going to buy two tickets every week. I also told him that I was not aiming for any jackpot. Any size of the prize was enough for me. My main aim was to win frequently because that was the idea I was offering to my friend. From that day, I started buying two UK49s tickets every week.

My Strategy Worked for Me

I did not even put enough thought in picking my numbers. In fact, I used the Smart Pick tool on UK49s to get my five numbers. This tool was designed to pick the most frequently appearing numbers from the past draws in random orders. My strategy worked for me as I won my first prize for matching only two numbers within the first three weeks of betting. The amount I won was not a lot more than £500 but it was still enough to prove my friend wrong. I told him about my win and he listened to me quietly. I told him that my strategy was to win such small amounts frequently rather than hitting a huge jackpot just once.

Within eight months, I had matched the numbers with the drawn numbers four times. After matching three numbers for the first time, I was able to match one number twice, two numbers once, and three numbers once. I was so sure about my strategy that I increased my stake to £2 rather than £1. That’s the reason my winnings for matching only three numbers were more than £1,000. Matching one number was not that difficult at all.

I Convinced My Friend to Change His Strategy

In eight months, my total winnings were easily above £2,000. I had known at this point that my friend wanted to change his strategy as well. However, his ego was not letting him do it in front of me. I thought of making things easy for him. I talked to him and convinced him to stop following the big jackpots and start playing UK49s with me. Of course, it did not take too long to convince him as I had expected. I find it hard to believe that my friend turned out to be luckier than me as soon as he started playing UK49s. He was matching numbers more frequently than I was.

My Friend’s Big Day

Of course, the man inside him who always wanted to win big was not dead yet. One day, we were sitting together when he showed me the screen of his phone and picked four numbers. His words were, “These four numbers are going to do wonders!” It was the biggest surprise of our lives when he checked the UK49s results at teamtime and was able to match them all. With a £2 stake on his bet, he was able to win more than £14,000 with this bet. He went on a trip with his family with this money and I was happy for him. I love the fact that he did not lose his control after that. He still goes for small wins and is able to find happiness in those small moments.

You Should Aim for Your Big Day Too

If you are someone who has been participating in big jackpots for a long time, I urge you to try UK49s too. It is a straightforward lottery and gives you a chance to win for betting on only one ball too. Furthermore, you have the control of your winning amount because you can choose the size of your stake. You can’t do that with most other lotteries. I also think that should use the Smart Pick option because it saves you from manual research and generates the numbers that increase your chances of winning to a great degree.

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