Kosovo Loto 7/39 – Everything You Need to Know

Kosovo Loto 7/39

With its rather turbulent history, the Balkan region is definitely an intriguing part of the world. If you are interested in learning about lotteries, you will undoubtedly find something exciting in the Balkan countries. One of the lottery games that you will come across is the Kosovo Loto 7/39. While this particular lottery game may not offer you some of the biggest jackpots, it still has plenty to give, which makes it an interesting game. Take into consideration the fact that a single entry into the Loto 7/39 will only cost you a meager sum of 0.2 euro and you will undoubtedly start feeling excited about this game.

Put simply, Loto 7/39 is one of the leading games that’s organized by Lotaria e Kosoves, which is the national entity that has the responsibility of organizing the games, payment of the prizes and the sale and distribution of tickets. As the name of the lottery game indicates, it follows a rather unusual format and requires players to select seven numbers from a pool of 39. This overall numerical pool is quite a restricted one, as compared to the other lottery games out there. Players will need to match all seven numbers in order to win the big prize.

Kosovo Loto 7/39 Online

As this particular lottery game is a relatively new one, most players find it difficult to find much information about it online. This often prompts them to think the lottery is nothing but one of the numerous scams that are common in the industry. But, the fact of the matter is that Kosovo Loto 7/39 is a fully legitimate game that’s organized by a national entity. Lotaria e Kosovos or Kosovo Lottery is a member of the Association of European State Lotteries. This association has the responsibility of setting reliable gambling standards and the guidelines have to be followed by all members.

Thus, players can rest assured that Lotaria e Kosoves is committed to promoting responsible and good gambling practices in the country and can also guarantee you fairness and transparency when it comes to the lottery draws. Other than the Loto 7/39, the lottery also conducts an additional game called the Joker, which can boost your odds of winning a prize. You can also choose to play instant games if you want. Hence, the organization may have a small portfolio, but it has managed to create a reputation in the country.

How to Play Kosovo Loto 7/39

As mentioned above, the Loto 7/39 game requires players to choose seven numbers out of a total of 39 and the winning numbers are decided by a mixer. The amount that players will share in the form of prizes is determined in advance i.e. before the draw is actually conducted. Typically, the prize pool is a percentage of the collections made for that specific draw. The payment of the winnings is guaranteed by the Government of Kosovo itself and there is no player who will be denied their rightful share of profits from the Loto 7/39. As far as frequency of the lottery draws is concerned, the Loto 7/39 is conducted twice a week on Wednesday and Saturday.

This means that players get two opportunities in a week to win major prizes. In each of the draws, 7 numbers are generated by the mixer. As for the winning number combination, it is determined by arranging the obtained numbers in an arithmetic order. In order to participate in the Loto 7/39, you need to buy tickets. There are two ways that can be used by players for purchasing the tickets; auxiliary ticket or through random selection. In the case of auxiliary tickets, there are panels and every panel has the range of 1 till 39 numbers printed on it.

A single play refers to the market panel of total seven numbers. Players have the choice of playing anything from 1 and 10 combinations. On the right side of the tickets, you will come across squares that will give you the option for participating in advance draws and also participating in the joker game if you wish. As far as the advance draws are concerned, you can participate in anywhere between 2 to 8 draws in advance. Depending on your request, you can have both random selection of numbers as well as manual selection on the same ticket.

All you have to do is inform the clerk beforehand that you also wish to make a random selection so they will be prepared for it. There are online terminals of the Kosovo Lottery that you can use for making payments for your tickets in the Loto 7/39. You will not be able to get the ticket unless you complete your payment. The ticket that you receive will have the name and also the logo of the organizer. Double check your ticket to ensure it carries both as this will be proof of authenticity.

The other information that the ticket of the Loto 7/39 usually contains include the serial number of the ticket, the seller’s operating number, the number of the ticket, the combinations you are playing and also the joker number, if applicable. The time and date of the payment and the total amount paid for it will also be mentioned. You need to verify that your ticket all this information and if it doesn’t, then you need to take it up to the seller. The deadline for buying the tickets has been provided by the Kosovo Lottery and they will notify all interested parties when the purchasing of tickets is halted for the draw to be held.

If you decide not to buy your ticket from the lottery retailer, you can also do so through the official website of the lottery. The prize pool of the Kosovo Loto 7/39 is determined by the amount that’s generated by the participants through the sale of the tickets of any particular draw. In most cases, the prize is approximately 50 percent of the total number of sales and is made public by the lottery organizer before the draw is conducted.

Kosovo Loto 7/39 Prizes

The allocation of the prize fund is done in the following manner:

  • The first prize category is provided 20 percent.
  • The second prize category is also given 20 percent of the remaining.
  • The third prize tier is also provided with 20 percent.
  • The fourth prize category receives 40 percent.

By law, Kosovo Lottery is allowed to set up a guaranteed jackpot fund through a special decision, which is approximately 70,000 Euros. In the event that the jackpot is not claimed by any of the participants, the whole figure is rolled over for the next draw. In the situation where there is more than one winner of the jackpot, the prize is subdivided into equal sums. The biggest ever jackpot in the entire history of the Loto 7/39 fell in the year 2016. All seven numbers were matched by a person hailing from a town of Podujeva in the drawing conducted on October 22nd. This granted them a massive sum of 122,979 euros. Similar to the jackpot fund, the fund for the second prize category is also rolled over to the next draw if there is no winner in the first draw. There are a total of four prize tiers that are made available to the players in the Loto 7/39.

The first prize, which is the jackpot, can be won by players who are successful in matching all seven numbers. The odds of any player winning the jackpot are 1 in 15,380,937. The second prize category is for those players who are able to match six of the total seven numbers in the draw and the odds of this happening for any player are 1 in 70,880. For hitting the third prize tier, players have to match five numbers of the total seven and the odds of accomplishing this are 1 in 1,477. The lowest prize is given out to players who are able to match just four numbers and the odds of this occurring are 1 in 89.

Kosovo Loto 7/39 Draw Results

Once the draw for the Loto 7/39 is done, it is made public in front of a commission of three members, which is put together by the Kosovo Lottery. One of the members of this commission is an official who is hired and authorized by the Ministry of Finance. The Kosovo Lottery organizes the draw meeting and Pristina is the place of the draw. The proceedings of the draw are directly transmitted via television to the general public. If some numbers don’t appear as expected during the draw, then the mixing is done once again because the goal is to ensure the process goes on smoothly.

If the draw machine doesn’t work at all, a member of the committee will follow a well-organized procedure for picking the numbers by chance with his hand, but with his eyes covered. A record of the proceedings is maintained by the commission during the draw, which also include the drawn numbers. The commission members then sign the record. In order to ensure the report is complete, it has to contain the time of the draw, the place of the draw as well as the total amount that is won in that particular draw. It is also essential to include the winning combination of the draw in the report.

An interim report is prepared by the Kosovo Lottery with the results of the draw and the amount paid out for every prize category. The report is published provisionally in Koha Ditore, which is the daily newspaper that’s run in Kosovo by the Koha Group. Apart from that, the results of the draw are also made public on the official website of the Kosovo Lottery.

What To Do When You Win

When it comes to claiming you prize, winners are required to submit a claim or form because it shows the date of the draw, the serial number of your ticket, the point of sale where you got the ticket and also your details. You can claim prizes for the jackpot and the second tier by going to the headquarters while you have to collect the third and fourth tier prize from the point of sale. You have to present your ticket as proof of your participation in the Loto 7/39 when asking for the payment. According to the Government of Kosovo, the gains from gaming are classified as taxable income so you will be required to pay a tax.

Once the draw results are announced, winners have 60 days to claim their prize. If the winnings are not claimed within this time period, the amounts will be paid by the Kosovo Lottery into the next draw of the Loto 7/39. As per the law on gambling in the country, Kosovo Lottery also has the authority to postpone the draw for the lottery if there is reasonable cause.

As there might be litigation in some case, the Kosovo Lottery is also required to keep the record of tickets by law for at least one year after the draw has ended. But, in case there is litigation, the record has to be maintained until the court proceedings are finished. The basic court in Pristina is responsible for processing all the disputes.


So, is the Loto 7/39 worth playing? The simple fact is that this particular lottery game is completely legitimate and it offers players jackpot winning opportunities. One of the best things about the Loto 7/39 is the fact that its ticket prices are very affordable and the odds of winning are definitely better since the numerical pool is so small. There is a minimum guaranteed jackpot and there are two draws conducted in the week, which means you have double the opportunity to win a prize in the Loto 7/39.

The good thing is that the jackpot can rollover in the case there is no winner in the draw, which means you get a chance to win a massive prize. Hence, the Loto 7/39 is definitely a safe game you can play and you can easily get your ticket online.

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