Ladbrokes 49s – A Comprehensive Guide to Lottery Betting

One of the oldest games in the world is the lottery. It has been around for centuries and by definition, is also a form of gambling. Why is it a gamble? This is because most lotteries have very tough odds and the expected rate of return can only be slightly improved with specific strategies, which makes it the epitome of a gamble. Nonetheless, there are lots of players out there who don’t want to join a lottery syndicate to improve their odds. They are looking for an alternative and this is exactly what they can find in the form of lottery betting. As the name indicates, lottery betting is very much like betting on a sporting event and the only difference is that you bet on the lottery instead of a sports game.

The term ‘lottery betting’ is considered self-explanatory; you essentially get in touch with a bookmaker for betting on the results of a major lottery draw. For instance, if you are interested in participating in the UK 49s lottery, you can go with Ladbrokes 49s in order to place your bets. Doing so will save you from the hassle of having to buy a lottery ticket for the popular lottery draws from a lottery concierge service. Instead of this, you will place your bets on numbers whose odds are established by the bookie.

This system functions in the same way as football betting and once you have done so, you need to check the results to see if you have managed to hit any of the numbers drawn. Ladbrokes might offer you 5/1 odds for matching the first number and then increase the odds gradually based on the total numbers that you have selected correctly. This means that the eventual odds for selecting all numbers correctly will eventually be somewhere close to 50,000/1. The players are then awarded their winnings by the operator and you will not be paid by a lottery service since you didn’t actually win the lottery.

Just like sports betting, lottery betting is not concerned with the actual event i.e. a lottery draw. Instead, you are simply betting on the final outcome of the said event.

Playing the Lottery vs Lottery Betting

Should you sign up with Ladbrokes 49s or use a lottery concierge service to participate in the lottery? If you are even slightly familiar with the world of gambling, you will immediately realize that lottery betting may have lower odds as compared to playing the lottery itself because it offers you the ability of winning even if you don’t match all the numbers. However, the winnings may be significant smaller, but this shouldn’t come as a surprise because the size of the jackpot is the major draw for lottery players, which means that anything with lower odds will not have the same level of prizes.

The question is that if lottery betting means lower potential winnings, why should you go for it? The basic fact is that lottery betting offers you a higher rate of return rather than playing the lottery because you have the chance to win with even a single number selection. All the media attention is drawn by the major lottery jackpots as in the case of the UK 49s, but their odds are also quite tough such as 200,000,000/1 because the only way to win them is by matching all the numbers. If you manage to match all numbers except one, you either get nothing or take home a very small prize. This is not how lottery betting works.

For instance, if you have placed a bet of 10 pounds on the same lottery and you manage to hit all numbers excepting one, you walk away with winnings of 500,000 pounds thanks to the odds of 50,000/1. This is not something that would have happened had you chosen to play the lottery. Sure, these winnings don’t come close to the jackpot sizes, but they are certainly better than the second or third category prizes you get from the lottery if you don’t match all numbers.

Benefits of Lottery Betting

The first thing you need to remember is that betting on the lottery and playing it doesn’t have to be two separate things. Depending on where you live, it is completely legal and even suggested by some people to play your favorite numbers in the UK 49s lottery and also bet on the simultaneously through Ladbrokes 49s. Hence, if you manage to match all numbers in the lottery draw, you get the jackpot and you also win your bet, which means your winnings are massive.

The most obvious benefit that lottery betting has to offer is the ability of winning without having to fulfill the requirements of a particular lottery draw. You can enjoy smaller winnings by matching one or a few numbers and this increases your rate of return. Players can be involved in lottery draws regularly and have a good chance of frequently bringing home winnings, which is much better than lottery players who never see a single pound. Another noticeable benefit of lottery betting applies to players who wish to enjoy lotteries of a country even though they are not a resident. This is because lottery betting is not that strictly regulated and this saves them from legal issues. Even though online lottery services have sprung up to let players participate in the lottery, it is still safer to go with lottery betting as it is treated the same way as other forms of betting.

Where to Bet on the Lottery?

One crucial factor for every lottery fan to remember is that you need to find a reliable bookie to place your bets. If you want to play any of the UK 49s draw, you can opt for Ladbrokes 49s as it is trustworthy and safe. It also gives you access to other popular lotteries, which is a plus if you want to diversify. As long as you make the right choice, you will be able to place your bets with ease.

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