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Which Lotto Numbers Do The Experts Say You Should Use When Playing UK49s

There are various methods of selecting your lottery numbers, few winners of the jackpot and forty-nine balls. Most often, we imagine how we will spend the proceeds of our imagined winnings, and the presence of these odds makes winning be a game of luck. There is no doubt that you have your method of selecting your lucky numbers either by using a lucky dip or syndicate. Moreover, you might be wondering if there is a particular method or science that guarantees your winning.

This post is written to help you check the numbers you should consider playing the lottery and see if your chances will be improved. We are not making verified statements that you will win big each time you utilize these numbers. Read this with an open mind.

Selecting The Number That Comes Up The Most

There has been a variation of balls mixture in the last twenty years. We noticed that some numbers have been more frequent than other figures and if we want to make our selection based on how often these numbers come up; this will be the analysis of the six numbers that have had more appearances more than others.

  • 23 has appeared 280 times
  • 38 has appeared 275 times
  • 40 has appeared 274 times
  • 33 has shown 272 times
  • 30 has appeared 272 times
  • 44 has appeared 269 times

Other numbers that are not picked often are as follows;

  • Number 20 has a frequency of 212 times
  • Number 13 has a rate of 215 times
  • Number 16 has a frequency of 222 times
  • Number 21 has a frequency of 224 times
  • Number 37 appears 229 times
  • Number 41 comes up 229 times

You need to be discreet as the number that appeared last week might not be selected in the coming week. Every number has a chance of appearing whenever there is a draw.

Playing The Same Numbers Each Time

If you belong to the group of individuals who think playing the exact numbers each time will make you win someday, you should have a rethink as your set of numbers may never come up. Moreover, the only way to win with that type of strategy is by playing on countless occasions which entails playing for eternity which is extremely impossible.

Methods and Numbers To Avoid

There are various erroneous theories on the internet in recent times. Most of these arguments suggest that you should avoid playing some numbers if you want to hit it big. Examples are:

Over 31: This idea is to make you select one number from number 31 as it has been observed that most individuals choose their numbers based on birth dates of family. The postulation of the theory is further strengthened as no month has more than 31 days.

Have your special dates been booked already? Do you have the intention of choosing some single digit birth dates? Ensure you pick two numbers like 12 or a lower value to prevent collision with other punters. Make sure you do not select figure 1, 2,3,4,5 and six as your main six numbers. A report published in 2013 said over ten thousand people who played in this format had their winning prize slashed by 10,000. If you had won a £10 million money prize, it would be divided by 10,000, and you will be left with £1,000.



And The Expert Says

Richard Lustig is an authority figure whose prowess in picking numbers was well-known even wrote a book on how to choose lotto number successfully. The book titled “LEARN HOW TO INCREASE YOUR CHANCES OF WINNING THE LOTTERY” spoke about researching your numbers and check if they are good enough. According to him, your mode of number selection does not matter, but you should do a research about your choice about your selected numbers and confirm if they are good numbers and stick with those numbers.

He said there is no magical attachment to choosing your numbers as he receives emails on a daily basis asking for the secret. Richard said that a set of good numbers is required to win a jackpot and not a single number. He frowned at the idea of playing a lucky dip and called it the worst method of playing as players are putting themselves at risk.
It leaves us with the question that what are the best numbers to choose to win. Though no one can reliably tell you the exact number that will be displayed on the lottery machines, ensure you do not disclose your magic numbers to anybody irrespective of your method of number selection.

The reason for keeping your number secret is that if you share the same numbers with another individual who wins, the prize money will be slashed into two equal parts. I’m sure you do not want to share your prize money with anyone; the best way is by keeping your numbers confidential. Always remember that there are various methods of selecting numbers and winning the money. The process of earning the prize money starts by purchasing a lotto ticket.

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