Lucky Winner From South Africa Wins $100,000 Prize

The lottery is one of the oldest games played all over the world. There are some lottery players who have been playing the lottery for years and have only won small prizes and there are also those who played it for the first time and were able to take home millions. After all, it is a game of luck. While the bottom line of the game has not changed over the years, a large number of lotteries have been introduced in different countries all over the globe. One of these games is the UK49 lottery. It is a unique and fun lottery game that conducts draws twice a day, which means you get two chances of winning a prize in a single day.

It is an authentic lottery game that has succeeded in changing the lives of players from various countries as it can be played online with ease. One lucky winner was Declan Williams, hailing from South Africa, who won a spectacular sum of $100,000. The 28-year-old was working in a bank and played the UK49 lottery every now and then. He hadn’t won a single prize even though he had been playing for more than one and a half year until his luck changed and he won the prize.

Declan hadn’t been interested in the lottery for a long time. It wasn’t until one of his cousins played a small lottery game and won a small prize that piqued his interest. Declan did not like the 9 to five routine he had to follow and he wanted to be independent. After his cousin won, he realized that he could do the same. But, in order to do so, he needed to play a lottery that had big prizes, good odds and gave plenty of chances. Thus, he began his search and that’s when he came across the option of the UK49 lottery game.

He discovered that this game had two draws called the Lunchtime and Teatime draws and he could easily participate in the game online. He also didn’t have to watch the draws to see if he had won because the National Lottery would send an email in case of a win. The next decision he had to make was choosing the numbers he would play.

There were several strategies he could use and his cousin even suggested forming a syndicate. However, Declan did not wish to share his prize in case he won.

The UK49 also offered a number generator to the players who couldn’t figure out what numbers to use. Declan decided to go for this option because he believed that playing random numbers could work in his favor as the draw was also conducted randomly. This is exactly what he did. But, this did not work and Declan played consistently for a while, only to be disappointed. This continued for one and a half year. Sometimes, Declan would quit, but this only lasted for a couple of draws as he simply couldn’t resist giving it a shot.

His luck took a turn in June 2017 when he came across the Lunchtime draw results of the UK49 and realized that he had won a massive prize that could potentially fulfill his dreams. Even though Declan was ecstatic, he did not share the news with anyone as he wanted to make sure it was true. He checked for the email, double checked the numbers until he was sure that he was indeed the winner. Even after that, he didn’t immediately claim the prize. During his research for a good lottery game, Declan had come across numerous clippings about lottery players who had won it big, but had only ended up worse than before because they didn’t take the right steps.

Therefore, Declan chose not to share his big news with anyone and began to make a plan of what he would do. He was tempted to buy a car and go shopping, but he kept himself in check. Instead, he hired a financial advisor to help him in putting his money to good use. Only when he had a plan of what he would do with his winnings,

Declan decided to claim his prize. He was able to invest his money wisely thanks to the help of his advisor. He put some of the money in stocks, bought himself a small house and also gave some money to charity.

He also planned a small trip for himself because he had always wanted to see the world, but he didn’t go overboard. He did not have any close family except for his cousin so he decided to take him along. While on vacation, he did indulge in a few luxuries and he could do it because he had been smart about his winnings and had not blown away everything on useless things.

Also, even though Declan did not like his job, he didn’t quit right away. He continued to work at the bank until he was able to generate some returns from his investments.

Furthermore, he didn’t wish to alert anyone that he had won because he knew that people would immediately come asking for help. He only shared the news with his best friend and cousin and continued to make small changes in his life. The only way Declan was able to accomplish what he wanted was due to the UK49 lottery. He said that he couldn’t be more grateful to the game as it had given him all he ever wanted.

Declan was not the only winner of the UK49 lottery. Since its existence, it has been making people millionaires on a regular basis and its prizes have prompted a lot of people to sign up on its website. Thanks to the internet, it has become easier than ever to play this game and get a chance to take away a big prize. Its random generator can be used for coming up with random numbers or you can also choose your own numbers for the UK49 lottery.

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