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One of Our Players Won a $16,000 Prize Yesterday!

Gabriëlle Melenhorst from South Africa is one of our lucky UK49s winners this week. She won $16,000 in the Lunchtime draw yesterday and she says that she plans to use the money to start saving up for a brand new BMW. Gabriëlle had used our free UK49s Lunchtime Numbers Prediction system and number generator for the past 4 weeks and played 30 draws before winning this $16,000 prize. She says that she also won $12 prizes 5 times and won $132 prizes twice while using our system!

Gabriëlle is one of many happy players who use our free UK49s prediction system and winning numbers generator. Her win will help her buy a new car and she stated to us on the phone that “she did not think she would win such a large prize and was happy enough with the smaller prizes already!”.

We all love playing the lottery, but what we love most is winning! We are very happy that one of our website users hit a prize such as this one! We asked Gabriëlle if she plans to continue playing and she said “I plan to play at least once a week or until I hit the $1,000,000 jackpot prize”.

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