Player Wins the £11 Million Jackpot

Based on the past UK49s results, the biggest jackpot prize in the history of the national lottery in UK is around £42 million which as claimed by the lone better last 1996.  However, the most recent winner of the £11 million should not be disregarded.  It would be enough to give your life a makeover and will direct you to a unique experience of a lifetime.  The winner who wishes to remain anonymous formerly works at a construction site.  He said that he is an avid player of the lottery game for more than 10 years now.

The UK49s Winner Plans to Buy His Own House

When the press asked the winner about his plan on this huge prize, he immediately said that he wants his own house.  He doesn’t want to have a mansion or a large house; he stated that he only wants a place where his family can settle comfortably without thinking about the monthly rent.  He even declared that he’s been working in the construction industry for as long as he can remember but he never has the opportunity to have his own house.  The UK49s winner is the father of three and a husband to a loving wife.

When he was making a standard salary, he said that he wants to shower his boys with gifts, but his income is just enough for their daily expenses.  He prayed to God that he will have enough money to buy his wife a new pair of dress and dress shoes for his kids.  The UK49s winner has no idea that he will have more than that. “Now, I have enough money to have a relaxing life with my family”, he claimed.

uk49s 11M winner

He also wants to travel with his family and visit their relatives in the US.  His kids also want to visit Disneyland.  But before they decide on how they will spend their winning, they will make sure that they will carefully plan about it.  “I don’t want to return to my old life”, the UK49s winner stated.  He said that he wants to use this winning to have a steady source of income.  He doesn’t care about doing hard work, but he wants to make sure that they will have the money when they need it.  He said he wants to invest some of his money on stocks and he want to open a new business venture.

Based on the latest report, the man is still not quitting his job at a local construction site.  He plans to finish on this construction project before he will take a break.  He also plans to say goodbye to his workmates and managers formally.  The UK49s results winner claimed that he wants his children to have the best options in life.  These are something that he did not enjoy when he was just a kid.  He wants his children and his future grandchildren to have a better quality of life.  He was just so thankful about this fortune that came to his family.

The UK49s is lottery game that takes place twice a day in the UK via the bookies that promote, sell and show the live draws in their local shops. It has been gaining popularity in recent years as players from all over the world try to find the best possible lottery game out there. The UK49s is certainly one of the most unique and best options out there.

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