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UK49s is a draw that takes place twice at lunchtime (12.49) and at teatime (16.49) each day between October and February, 17.49 and February to October. Players can opt to bet on 1-6 numbers from the 49 in every draw.

Players are also able to play the 6 or 7 number draw. This is inclusive of the Booster ball to raise their winning chances.  You play at your nearby bookmaker. In the draws carried out twice, six figures and a bonus number called ‘Booster’ are drawn from balls written 1-49.

Selecting Your 49s Numbers

By checking how many times draws have been carried out in 2017, in the last four months or previous 30 draws, how do you make a decision and select which UK49s figures to play?

If drawings have been carried out on ball 49 25 times in 2017, does this signify it will possibly be drawn or not likely to be drawn in the following draw? It is hard to tell.

Conclusions cannot just be drawn just based on how many times draws are carried out in a certain time. You shall require being aware of the trends by recognizing minimum and maximum thresholds initially, prior to checking how many times drawings have been done.

Minimum and maximum thresholds are the ones that occur most frequently, happening at lowest and highest incidence of times and drawn over a span of time respectively. This is established by checking the draw’s background in a steady manner, by making use of a fixed time bucket.

After you have determined minimum and maximum thresholds, you can now check the number of times in similar time bucket up to the latest draw and reach an intelligent decision on the UK49s number you shall play.

Any ball that contains the number of times drawn at or under the minimum threshold will possibly be drawn in the following draw. Equally, any ball consisting of number of times drawn at or beyond the maximum threshold is not likely to be drawn in the following draw.

By using similar principle to numerous UK49s statistics, you can play UK49s cleverly and enhance your winning prospects. Magayo Lotto software offers you the specifics into the trends. It is also going to suggest to you the UK49s pool numbers to play.

Play UK49s to win!

How to Play

It is simple to play and win hotpicks for number UK49s. Firstly, you should be aware that the calculation of every selection is based on the earlier draw. Therefore, the ones in states apart from the UK may just manage to play lunchtime selections.

The calculations of lunchtime selections are carried out and availed at about 5pm GMT the day prior to the play. Teatime selections are availed around 1pm GMT when the play is being held.

As the calculations of the selections are based on earlier draw, it is not possible to avail teatime selections earlier. Every selection has four numbers; each number is a separate bet. Therefore, each of the four figures in the hot picks presents four single bets.

You simply place every single number as one bet where normal drawings can be made at odds of 6.5:1.  Of course, you will not win each draw and this is where money control comes in; you are the one to determine the way you want to handle this.

Playing Gatekeeper and Bookie Destroyer Numbers

Play the whole selection for lunchtime; if you become a winner, stop playing. In case you don’t make a winning at lunchtime, at teatime play similar numbers.

If you are not able to win, this was not a lucky day. New numbers shall be published around 8pm GMT and you need to refresh your browser.

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  • Quick question if u play 4numbers and 3 numbers come in can u still win


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