Retired Couple From Cape Town Claims $1 Million Jackpot

If you have ever thought about becoming a millionaire, you would know that the shortest way to do so is to play the lottery. Yes, there is no way to guarantee that you will win, but it doesn’t really hurt much in the long run. The UK offers you a large number of lotteries to play if you are interested in becoming a millionaire. You can play a lottery game every day of the week and get a chance at winning a life-changing prize. The odds and the prizes vary, depending on the game you are playing. Sometimes, the jackpots can climb really high and this makes it really tempting to try your luck.

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Retired couple Mary and Henry Jackson had been playing the UK49 Lottery for years in Cape Town. Residing in Cape Town, the couple had three kids who were all busy with their own lives. The pair had the habit of buying a ticket every now and then because they preferred to buy a ticket when the jackpot got really high. They had won small prizes in some other lotteries during their life and this is why they were not interested in playing for a small prize. In February 2018, the couple bought a ticket for the UK49 lottery as the prize had reached a hefty $1 million.

While Henry Jackson always bought the ticket online, they had made it a habit of checking the results online. It was usually Mary who checked the results, but it slipped her mind this time around. This is probably why it took the couple six days to claim their winnings and even then, they chose to maintain their anonymity. When Mary did check the numbers and found she had the match, she first thought it was a prank. She double checked and then went to her husband, who also verified it.

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They were both delighted because it meant they could do a lot of things they had always wanted to do and could also help their kids out. Mary and Henry claimed their million from the UK49 lottery quietly and chose to remain out of the spotlight. They invited their children over for dinner and broke the news to them. Suffice it to say, the kids were also happy for their parents and were also surprised because they knew they were just casual lottery players and didn’t play that regularly to have won such a big prize.

The parents also told the kids that they were going to use the money to help them in paying off their student loans that they had taken to continue their studies. Even though the kids told them it wasn’t necessary, the parents wouldn’t back down. Even after paying off the loans, Henry and Mary had a lot of money left over. As one of the children was a lawyer, he advised his parents to invest some of the money so they could live the rest of their retired life comfortably. It took some convincing, but the parents agreed.

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Henry and Mary also used some of the money to set up a charity for young kids in Cape Town who couldn’t afford an education. They wanted to help out those who didn’t have the financial base to send their kids to good schools. Henry also took his wife on a cruise as a surprise because she had always wanted to do that, but they never really had the time or the money to go for it. Now, they had all the time and money in the world since they were both retired. One smart move that the couple made was not telling anyone about their winnings.

This was something their kids insisted on because they were aware that some of the relatives would immediately come asking for handouts. Since no one had assisted them in their time of need, the kids didn’t want their parents giving away their prize. However, there is one thing that the children did ask their parents; how did they choose the winning numbers? Previously, the couple had always played the same numbers; their address, anniversary date and their ages. For this draw, surprisingly, Henry had decided to switch numbers and try something new.

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He decided to use the birthdays of his children and their ages in this turn and it seemed to have done the trick as it netted them a whopping prize of $1 million. The thought of winning undoubtedly gave them a rush, but they were able to retain a cool head and not blow away their winnings on luxurious yet useless things like other winners had done before. The couple made sound investments on the recommendation of their children and were happy with what they had done with the winnings.

Their story is definitely a source of inspiration to anyone who has been playing the UK49 Lottery for a while and hasn’t had any luck when it comes to winning. Not only did the couple’s persistence pay off, but so did their number strategy. Yes, luck also played a role, but it shows that anyone can win the lottery, as long as they are smart. Another way their story is motivating is the fact that the couple has not ended up like some other notable winners who just blew away their winnings because they didn’t take the right steps before claiming the prize. It is always a good idea to seek the advice and assistance of financial experts and lawyers to ensure you can retain your prize for a long time.

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The UK49 draw is conducted twice every day, one lunchtime draw and one tea time draw, which means it has tough odds, but the beauty of this game is the massive prizes it can offer. Tickets can be bought from the store or online with ease and it is a wonderful opportunity for anyone to win a prize. Smaller prizes can also be claimed online whereas the lottery headquarters have to be visited for claiming the big ones. You can participate in the next draw right from the comfort of your home.

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