She Had Started to Believe Her Family Was Unlucky

There are not many surprises in this world that can be as beautiful as winning a lottery with your lucky numbers. When you participate in a lottery, you have to prepare yourself for a big surprise. Of course, anyone who wins a big lottery prize finds it difficult to accept that they have really won. However, it could not have been more difficult for anyone than this family. Winning lottery was a surprise that they had never hoped for. There is an interesting story behind why this family had so much despair and disappointment in it. Let’s find out as the winning woman tells the story herself.

My Married Life Was a Normal One

I was married to the person that my parents had thought was the perfect pick for me. Since I was not really interested in the boyfriend and girlfriend culture, I did not protest against the decision of my parents. My life was pretty normal after marriage. There was nothing very exciting about it to tell anyone. I am not trying to say that my husband was not special. I can assure you that he is one of the best husbands in the world. However, not a lot happened in our home because my husband was like me i.e. he did not have a social circle either.

The two biggest events that took place in our lives were when our two children were born. I have a daughter and a son. It was after 12 years of marriage that something exciting happened in our lives. My husband got an amazing job opportunity. He went for the job of a general secretary in a five star hotel. We went on a free dinner every month, enjoyed a couple of days stay in the hotel rooms, had a free swimming pool membership etc. All these things were great and life was exciting now. However, things became quite normal again. That’s because my husband did not see any chances of promotions in that job.

The Time When Despair Settled In

A few times, my husband received the opportunity of visiting a foreign country with the family from the hotel. However, things were always up and down at this hotel so we never really got the chance of going abroad. They always gave us hope and then broke it. When my husband asked the authorities for promotion and increments, he was always given a lecture about how the hotel was struggling. Every year, there was an employee’s day where the families of the employees would come, participate in various competitions and won prizes.

That’s when despair really started to settle in our family. We attended two employee’s days and won nothing special. They always had raffles and other ways of giving amazing prizes to the families of the employees. It is quite funny that we somehow always ended up winning a wall clock. Yes, four times within two years we won four wall clocks. That was the best prize we were able to win when we could see with our very own eyes prizes such as air conditioning units, cars, homes, etc.

I Developed Interest in UK Lotto HotPicks Lottery

The incident of winning wall clocks really hit me. Yes, it might be a little thing for you but not for me. I was constantly thinking why we could not win anything big when others went home with huge prizes. So, I thought of trying my luck in lotteries. I wanted to see if our family was really unlucky or that I was overreacting to little things. I found out about UK Lotto HotPicks and started participating in this lottery only to kill this belief that my family was unlucky, including me. I was fighting against despair and somewhere inside me, I was telling myself that we were not going to win anything.

I kept the whole lottery participation a secret from my husband and kids. After only three months of regular participation, something huge happened at the tea time draw.

I Found out We Were Not Unlucky

I had my phone in my hand and I was literally having a hot cup of tea when I checked the results. I was flabbergasted when I looked at the numbers. I had matched all the five numbers I had picked with a £2 bet. I could not believe the amount of money I had won. It was one of the funniest moments of my life when I had discovered about my lottery win. I smiled a little and said to myself, “So wall clock is not the only thing we can win after all.” You can already see at this point how hard the wall clock thing had hit me. I had won a life changing prize and I was still complaining about the wall clock in my mind.

I started waiting for my husband anxiously. He returned home at 6pm. I told him I had a surprise for him. He started guessing and thought it was someone’s birthday that he had forgotten. I told him that I was going to give him the biggest surprise of his life and that he was never going to guess it. I asked him a question, “How much money do you think is a lot of money for our family?” His response was, “Well, maybe around £100,000.” I replied to him, “What if I told I have been participating in a lottery for three months and I just won nearly three times more money than that?” For the next 30 seconds, there was complete silence in the room.

Never Call Yourself Unlucky

As humans, we always carry a lot of expectations in our hearts. We can say we don’t care about things but that’s not true most of the times. Little incidents in our lives can make us think negatively. I am the perfect example of that in front of you. However, I have learned with my lottery win that I was only overreacting at that time. More importantly, I am thankful to the amazing UK Lotto HotPicks lottery that changed the life of my family in the most unexpected way possible. I live happily with my family today and I never call ourselves unlucky for any reason. I have learned the lesson. The only thing is, I learned my lesson in the most beautiful way possible.

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One thought on “She Had Started to Believe Her Family Was Unlucky

  • You are so lucky I wish I could do that to me now am turning 3 good years playing uk but I didn’t win even a little money congrats to you and God bless you


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