She Never Liked How Lotteries Worked until She Heard about UK49

Millions of people try their fortunes by buying lottery tickets around the world each day. Some prefer to participate in lotteries with huge jackpots whereas others prefer lotteries with high chances of winning. Every person who buys lottery tickets has dreams and expectations in life. Being a jackpot winner could mean everything to them. In short, it changes their life completely. However, there is a group of people who does not like the idea of lotteries and today’s story is about such a woman. Let’s see how her views about lotteries changed when she discovered UK49.

Lotteries Never Made Sense to Me

My dad used to buy lottery tickets a lot. He won a few small prizes during his lifetime, but never hit any huge jackpot ever. While he was dedicated to buying the tickets every week, I never really understood what motivated him to do so. I often had arguments with him about the whole thing. To me, it just did not make any sense that you had no control over your winnings. If you did not hit the jackpot, you did not have to end up being a loser. What if you matched three or four or even five numbers? When I looked at the payouts for those who matched five numbers or four numbers, it made me angry.

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While talking to my dad, I was always like, “So the first person wins millions of pounds for matching all the numbers, but the second person matches only one less number and does not get even the quarter of what the jackpot winner gets?” My dad used to laugh at my frustration. I could never convince him to stop buying tickets. He always told me that spending a few pounds a week was not hurting him anyway. However, my problem was not the few pounds. My problem was the fact that he had absolutely no hand in his winnings. He could not decide how much he would win.

I Discovered UK49 and It Got My Attention Immediately

In my frustration, I was once wandering on the internet and reading forums to know what people had to say about lotteries. Yes, there were many people like me who did not like the idea of lotteries. I was consoled that I was not the only one burning in this fire of frustration. And that’s when I discovered UK49. One of the guys on the internet talked about how he did not like lotteries unless he discovered UK49. I immediately opened the website and started reading about what it was all about. Right from the beginning, things started to make sense to me.

UK49 was talking about the exact issues I had with lotteries. As I read the rules, I found out that I could place a bet on as many numbers as I wanted. Not only that, in fact, I could even decide how much I wanted to wager to increase my final winnings. So, the biggest gripe that I had with lotteries was being addressed in a perfect way. UK49 lotto was something that got my attention immediately and made me interested in lotteries. I was ready to try my fortune and liked the fact that I could cash on my lucky day.

I Betted on Five Numbers

I started placing my bets on five numbers. My stake was always £1, and I always chose to bet on a 6 number draw because it increased the odds and boosted my winnings significantly. At first, I tried to go with some lucky numbers, but they did not work out. That’s when I went to the Statistics section of the UK49 website to see which numbers were hot and which ones were cold.  I discovered the hottest numbers for the past month and chose them this time. In a 6 number draw with £1 stake on each number, matching five numbers was going to win me £125,000.

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I Won Big Time

By betting on the most frequently appearing numbers, I was finally able to win huge. I matched five numbers and the payout was huge enough to bring a change in not only my personal but my entire family’s life. The day I discovered my win is still alive in my memories like anything. I checked the results on my phone and I could not utter a single word from my mouth for the next 15 minutes after I discovered how much I had won. The only thing in my mind was how I was going to break the news to my dad.

After sitting in awe for 15 minutes, I finally gathered my senses and went to my dad. I started an argument with him about the same old issue of how lotteries worked and how I did not like the way they worked. After arguing for about 20 minutes, we were at a point where my dad was saying these exact words to me, “It does not make any difference. It is a game of luck, so controlling or not controlling your winnings does not make any sense.” My answer to that was, “Dad, it makes a huge difference and I can prove that to you.”

He said, “Okay then why are you waiting? Prove it to me!” That’s when I got up, showed him the screen of my phone. He looked at the screen and then at my face. He did not know what was happening. Finally, I told him we had won hundreds of thousands of pounds due to a bet I placed on 49s. His first reaction was, “You’re kidding right?” I said no. He asked the same question four times and my answer was the same. And then there were cries of joy everywhere.

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Time for You to Control Your Winnings Too

In the end, I would like to say that UK49 is the best way to be a part of a lottery. I don’t want people to stop believing in their luck and force them to not buy tickets of other lotteries. However, I definitely want them to pay attention to UK49 and try this lottery for a change. It just feels awesome when you can control the amount of money you will win by matching the numbers you have chosen. Not to mention, you can even win by matching only one number.

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