SiVinceTutto – A Unique Italian Lottery


When it comes to Italian lotteries, almost everyone has heard about the SuperEnalotto. But, this is not the only fun and interesting game that Italy has to offer. Another one of the unique lottery offerings in the country is known as SiVinceTutto. It is a part of the SuperEnalotto, but boasts its own special drawing as well as its jackpot. The premise of the SiVinceTutto lottery is quite different as compared to the other lotteries that are played around the world. This is one of the primary reasons why the game has succeeded in rapidly gaining popularity amongst the masses. It was created as a complimentary game to the primary one i.e. the Italian SuperEnalotto.

Due to this feature, players are only required to match two out of the six numbers in order to get a prize. As a result, not just Italians, but also players from around the globe immediately took to this fun lottery game very quickly. The SiVinceTutto lottery is definitely worth exploring because it gives players 5 possibilities of taking home a prize. There is no need to doubt its legitimacy and integrity because the lottery is run as well as operated by Sisal. This company came into existence a long way back in 1946.

It was back in the 1950s that the Enalotto game was launched in Italy and, even though it has been modified a number of times, it still remains one of the favorite ways of Italians to make some quick and easy money. Sisal is also the company that runs and operates other games and lotteries in Italy including 10Elotto, VinciCasa,

EuroJackpot, and Play Six amongst the others. Due to this fact, people don’t have to worry about SiVinceTutto being a scam and there is no chance that you will be ripped off when you buy a ticket.

If you are wondering how to play SiVinceTutto, all you need to know is that it is a 6 out of 90 game. This is a very simple characteristic of the game and one that makes it easy to understand, for beginners and experienced players alike. The translation of the name of the game is ‘to win it all’ and this is an interesting aspect that tempts almost everyone to give it a shot. Previously, the SiVinceTutto lottery game had the feature of jackpot rollover, which is common amongst lottery games. However, this practice was eventually discontinued. This means that every single draw of SiVinceTutto lottery has its own specific chances of winning.

In case there is no winner of the jackpot, the prize is not rolled over to the next draw. Instead, it increases the prizes in the lower tiers exponentially, which is also a plus for players. As mentioned before, you just need 2 correct numbers if you wish to win something through the SiVinceTutto lottery. While there are 90 numbers that you have to choose from, it is not impossible to match at least 2 of the numbers and the lowest tier prize could undoubtedly become very lucrative for the players.

As far as the draw for the SiVinceTutto lottery is concerned, they are held on the last Wednesday of every month. Since this is a complimentary game with the SuperEnalotto, it has a limited jackpot and draws are conducted only once a month. The odds of successfully matching six of the 90 numbers and winning the jackpot are 1 in 622,614,630. There is a fixed amount for the jackpot, which is two million euros. The second prize is paid out to players who are able to match five out of the 90 numbers and the odds of this happening are 1 in 1,235,346. Typically, 32 percent of the revenue that’s generated from the sale of the SiVinceTutto lottery tickets are dedicated to this second prize.

In case the jackpot is not won by any player, the amount for the second prize tier is automatically increased to 38 percent. For winning the third tier prize, players are required to match four out of the 90 numbers and the odds of this occurring are 1 in 11,907. The prize amount for this tier is 3 percent of the funds that are generated through ticket sales and in case of no jackpot winner, it is increased to 36 percent. The fourth prize requires players to match three correct numbers out of 90 and the odds of doing so are 1 in 327. The prize fund allocated to this tier is 14 percent of the funds generated through sale of tickets and is increased to 69 percent when the jackpot is unclaimed.

The fifth prize requires players to match just six numbers from the range of 90 and the odds of doing this successfully are 1 in 22. From getting 9 percent of the funds generated via sale of tickets, the prize can increase to a massive 30 percent if the jackpot is not won. This makes it obvious that the game is very appealing and more and more people wish to participate in the SiVinceTutto lottery. The odds are favorable and the prizes are spectacular, which makes for a very irresistible combination.

The funds that are generated from the ticket sales are not just used for the prize pool; only 50 percent is paid out in the form of different prizes whereas 50 percent of the funds are used for charities and a variety of other good causes. Hence, when players decide to buy a SiVinceTutto ticket, they are dedicating a small amount of money to support organizations that do good things for the community in Italy or to people in need. If there is no jackpot winner and no winner for the second prize, the amount is rolled down to lower prize categories, which turn into huge prizes.

The standard second prize is approximately $500,000 unless the jackpot rolls down. If the jackpot money rolls down, the second tier prize alone will increase by six million euros. The third prize for the SiVinceTutto lottery begins at 4,500 euros. The fourth prize is 350 euros and the lowest prize tier allows players to win 15 euros. But, these values can increase if the jackpot is not won by anyone.

While the standard jackpot prize is SiVinceTutto, Sisal offered a huge jackpot of 24 million euros when the game was first launched. This is the biggest SiVinceTutto prize to be won to this date and was given in the draw on April 27, 2011. All the prizes of the lottery are paid out in the form of a cash lump sum. Players should remember that any prize they win through the SiVinceTutto lottery will be subject to taxation in Italy. Prizes that are less than 100 euros are not subject to any tax whereas a tax amount of 1.03 euros has to be paid for prizes between 100 and 300 euros.

For prizes that exceed the figure of 1,000 euros, the tax charged is not a flat fee and a percentage is applied. In this case, players have to pay a tax of six percent plus a fixed charge of 6.20 euros. For claiming the prize, players are given 60 days from the date of the draw to do so. If your prize is in excess of 52,000 euros, the lottery players will have to visit Sisal’s offices in Milan or Rome to claim them, no matter what their nationality is. It is also a requirement for players to be at least 18 years of age in order to participate in the SiVinceTutto draw. International players should bear in mind that they need to have a bank account in their own country for participating as that’s where their prizes will be deposited.

The good news for international players is that there are several online lottery agents that give you the opportunity of playing SiVinceTutto through their platform. These agents have local representatives in Italy who are ready to purchase tickets on your behalf if you are interested in playing. However, before you participate in an Italian lottery, it is a good idea for you to check the tax regulations in your own country because this can aid you in avoiding double taxation and maximize your prize.

But, you will only have to worry about taxation and claiming if you manage to win a prize. The key to winning a prize is by matching the numbers drawn. But, how to choose the numbers? There are several strategies that lottery players can use to do so and some of them include:

Using lucky numbers

A lot of people have lucky numbers. These are numbers that have proven to be good for them in the past in one way or another, repeatedly. Therefore, they are known as lucky numbers and lottery players can use them for choosing their number combination for SiVinceTutto. If the numbers are indeed lucky, they will help you in winning a prize in the game.

Using important dates and ages

One of the most common strategies that lottery players are known to use when selecting numbers is using the age or birthdates of their family. Who says it doesn’t work?

Lots of lottery winners have stated that it was their family’s birthdays or ages that won them massive jackpots. However, when playing the SiVinceTutto, it is also recommended that you use some other numbers as well. This is because the number range is between 1 and 90 and birthdates don’t go higher than 31. Thus, it is not a good idea to ignore the other part of the range.

Use a combination of high and low numbers

As mentioned above, the range of numbers in SiVinceTutto is 1 till 90, which is quite massive and not very common. This makes it a challenge to choose numbers that have the highest chances of winning. The trick here is to divide the numbers into two categories 1 till 45 and 46 till 90. The first half is called the low numbers and the second are the high numbers. As you have to select six numbers, it is best to choose three from the first half and three from the second. You will have a combination of high and low numbers, which has a better chance of winning that numbers from only one half.

Join a SiVinceTutto syndicate

SiVinceTutto offers lucrative guaranteed jackpots as well as lucrative prizes for the lower tiers, which makes it a popular game. Due to this fact, a number of online lottery agents now offer players the opportunity of joining an online syndicate for this game in order to boost your chances of winning. Through a syndicate, a large number of tickets can be bought, which play different number combinations. One of these tickets just might win a prize, which is then equally divided amongst the members of the syndicate. Hence, with syndicates, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to purchase more tickets of the SiVinceTutto.

Go for random

As the lottery draw is done randomly and no pattern or formula is followed, sometimes playing completely random numbers may also work in your favor. If you try choosing random numbers yourself, it can turn out to be difficult and you may end up including a number or two deliberately. The key to go fully random is to use a computer generated number combination. Lottery agents have the Quick Pick option on their website, which gives you a machine-generated number combination you can play.

Use tools and software

Last, but not the least, you can also find a ton of tools and software that are designed to predict winning numbers for various lotteries. They give you numbers that have the highest probability of being drawn and these are selected after considerable statistical, mathematical and probability analysis. Sure, there is no guarantee, but even if you match two numbers, you get a prize.

In a nutshell, SiVinceTutto is a unique and fun game that all Italian and international players should try.

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