South African Makes Huge Win at UK49s Lottery!

Thirty-four-year-old Sfiso Zulu, a resident of Johannesburg in South Africa had always harbored a desire to become rich one day, which is everyone’s dream! He thought the only way he could attain his goal was through toiling hard at the real estate company where he worked as an accountant.

Although Sfiso enjoyed his work, at the back of his mind, he was tired of the ‘8 to 5’ job and longed to start his real estate firm one day. The problem was that he had no idea how he would raise the capital for this.

One day, he was caught by surprise when he became a lucky lottery winner!

Playing the UK49s Lotto

Sfiso used to spend his lunch break at work playing the UK49s lottery, also known as the lunchtime draw, at 12.49pm. He had played this game for about six months online, and it had become routine for him. Deep down, he had a feeling that he would one day win since he had read about many winnings in the UK49s lottery.

Maybe it was his positive attitude or relentless nature that finally bore fruits. In 2015, December, he became a prize winner of an entire £11 million! Sfiso was caught unawares when he received an email from the National Lottery informing him of his great win.

This young man found it hard to believe what he was reading and he forwarded the email to his brother Thabo for confirmation. His brother called him and could hardly speak due to excitement! Thabo told him the email was genuine and advised him to contact the relevant number provided in the email.

A dream comes true!

When claiming his winnings, Sfiso said that at last he now had the capital to embark on his own business as he had always wanted. He planned to quit his job after serving a month’s notice and set up his real estate firm.

He admitted that he was tempted to stop working immediately, but owed his employer some courtesy as he had acquired his skills here. Sfiso decided on this particular sector as it had a lucrative market in South Africa, especially Johannesburg, the capital.

Sfiso admitted that apart from looking for a business that would earn him good money, he also had a passion for assisting the poor people in the city who were homeless. He said he would be happy to give back to the community by setting up affordable homes for everyone, despite their financial status. He planned to build homes specifically for the needy people.

Enjoying the tropical islands!

Sfiso said before he set up his business he would take a vacation with his wife and tour the places he has always longed to visit such as the famous Maldives. According to this excited man, he would enjoy the beaches and beautiful hotels before going back to work on this project.

Apart from this, he said he would commit part of his big win to assist his immediate family and uplift them in any way he could.

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