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Lotto Game of South Africa

UK49s was begun in the South Africa on 11 March 2000. This game has more than 800 drawings and this is very sufficient for trend charts for lotto that are long-term.

Features of the Game

You should select six digits from 1-49 so as to engage in playing South Africa Lotto. The cost of every game board of lotto is R.3.50. When a player pays extra, they are also able to engage in playing Lotto Plus in South Africa, which presents a section of South African Lotto game.

The drawings take place two times each week (Wednesday and Saturday). Draws are carried out by South Africa Lotto for the 6 winning digits together with one bonus number that offers more methods of winning, in case a player of lotto does not get the main digits of 1, 2 or 3 and obtains the bonus number.

The winning odds of obtaining first prize are 1 in 13,983,816, for RSA Lotto jackpot while $10,000,000 is the jackpot amount.

Lottery tactics to help you become UK49s winner in South Africa

Numbers for the lottery are drawn randomly. However, numbers that are drawn randomly create patterns that can be observed and utilized to benefit us.


The rules below have proven to be remarkably simple:

  • The one that is very likely occurs most regularly.
  • The one that is least likely occurs less regularly.

One answer to the Smart Luck’s effective techniques of choosing lotto is by playing possibilities. If you engage in playing a pattern that happens only 5% of the instance, it is possible that the pattern will lose 95% of the instance, as you do not have the opportunity to win 95% of the instance. Therefore, make use of the possibilities.

8 Simple Steps for Winning South Africa Lotto

When you choose numbers for your South African Lotto, make an effort to have a moderately equal blend of even and odd numbers. Each odd or even number is rarely drawn and this happens lower than 3% of the time.

The most ideal blend to have is 2/4, 4/2 or 3/3 (odd/even). This signifies two odd, four even, or four odd, two even and two even or three odd and three even. 81% of the drawings will have these patterns occurring.



Normally, winning numbers are distributed across the whole number field. If we divide one number field into two, this gives us the low half and high half. It is rare for all low or high numbers to be drawn and they happen just 3% of the instance..


The ideal blend to have is 2/4, 4/2 or 3/3 high/low. This signifies 2 high and 4 low or 4 high and 2 low or 3 high and 3 low. In 81% of the drawings these three patterns are found in winning number groups.

Examine a list of previous winning numbers for South Africa Lotto game. In many instances, you shall notice that one number group or more is not shown.

For instance, the combination of 5-14-17-32-38-49 does not have any 20s. Studying and tracking number groups can assist you to make a decision on which group to leave out and which one to provide more heavy play.


Make a list of the skipped games or omitted games since the previous hit or win of the winning digits in the previous five games. After this, note down the number of times every skip happened in the course of the previous five games.


After you select the six digits you desire to play, sum them up together and ensure that the total of the six digits sum up to around 115 and 185. Totals within this range make up for more than 70% of all winnings of lottery jackpot.

56% of the time, in South Africa Lotto, normally one lottery digit is going to be a repeat hit from the previous drawing. Digits that have been out or lost five games or less make up around ½ of the winning digits drawn. Losing numbers that have been out for seven games or lower make up 2/3 of each of the winning digits.

Playing UK49s Online

Apart from purchasing Lotto tickets via SMS or at shops, you can play it online as well. So as to participate in the Lotto game through Ithuba website, you need to initially register on it or input your name as well as ID number through the USSD string or SMS.

Your virtual wallet shall be created immediately your profile gets registered: this is where your money will be kept.  It is also going to be a requirement for you to provide a unique password so as to access your wallet and profile.

When you finalize the registration procedure, you need to deposit in your Ithuba account. The credits shall then be included to your virtual wallet in order for you to buy tickets for the continuing draw. A charge shall instantly be imposed on you on each deposit made into your virtual wallet and any withdrawals you make also. All the details on cashout and fees limits and techniques of claiming the prize are present on Ithuba website.

Reasons to Play Lotto

Prizes for lotto can change lives, particularly if you match each of the 6 numbers and win the jackpot prize. Because of changes made recently, players now have a guarantee of a prize payout of R50 when they match three numbers, rather than sharing of the prize pool by each of the players who became a winner of the combination.

Changes have also been done on Lotto Plus; therefore, from now henceforth, the second chance game’s jackpot shall go on rolling until a winner is found, rather than rolling down.

A player in South Africa won lotto two times in a span of two years; therefore, it is a good idea to try it, since you might even win R5, 000,000 or more by just spending R5.

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