Student Wins a $16,000 Prize in the UK49 Lottery

How to become a millionaire? If you read about some of the richest people in the world, you will discover that these people worked very hard and put in a lot of time and effort to reach where they are. Of course, every human being has the capability of doing so, but what if you don’t want to? Obviously, everyone is looking for a shortcut and the lottery provides you exactly that. There are a multitude of lottery games that can be played by people who want to become millionaires without working too much. Yes, there is a downside that you never know if and when you will win a prize.

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There is no guarantee that you will ever win anything, which makes it a risky game. Greece resident Anastasia Moris decided to try her luck. She had just gotten done with her studies and wanted some money to travel the world before she started working. She already had student loans to pay off and did not wish to add to her debt. Instead of applying for a job, she did small, part time jobs to get by for a few months as she couldn’t decide what to do.

On a night out with friends, Anastasia and her pals began discussing their dreams. They were having fun and trying to come up with some impossible things to achieve.

One of her group members mentioned winning the lottery as their aim and this gave Anastasia the idea of how to get the funds she wanted. The very next day, she decided to participate in the lottery, but which one? She realized that it was difficult to decide what game to play as there were several options. Even though there were some big, international lotteries like the US Powerball and SuperEna Max, she was aware that winning that was extremely tough.

She wanted to play a game that offered her reasonable odds and prizes and one that she could afford as well. After spending considerable time in her research, Anastasia realized that the UK49 lottery offered her the best of everything. Not only did it have good prizes, but it also had good odds and there were two draws she could participate in. She knew that even if the odds were good, it was not possible to win right away. Some people had been playing for months and years and had not won anything higher than a couple of dollars.

Therefore, it came as a shock when only after six draws, Anastasia became the winner of $16,000 in one go. She couldn’t believe it could happen and thought that the email in her inbox was just a fake. However, it kept nagging at her and she decided that there was no harm in confirming. It was an even bigger shock to realize that it was indeed true. Who could believe that she would get such a big payout when she had spent so little and too so quickly? Anastasia was simply ecstatic and didn’t waste any time in claiming her prize, lest it would vanish.

She shared the news with her friends and family immediately because it was so surprising. Everyone expressed their disbelief because she had gotten lucky only after a couple of tries. She had participated in the Lunchtime draw on the same day in which she hadn’t won and had used the same numbers for the Teatime draw, which worked in her favor. She later revealed that she thought about using a different number combo, but decided to go with it because it included her lucky numbers. The decision turned out to be one of the best ones of her life.

Anastasia had never thought that she would be able to win so quickly and had begun looking for jobs to launch her career. Winning the UK49 Teatime draw earned her a prize of $16,000 that she could use for traveling like she had wanted. She realized that she didn’t have to give up her dreams before starting her career and could see some of the world like she had wanted. However, her family members advised her not to blow all of her winnings on her trip and save some for the future.

She thought it was a pretty good idea and decided to use $10,000 for her trip. She kept $1,000 aside for buying lottery tickets in the future as she wanted a chance to win again. She did win some small prizes in the next few draws as well. As for the remaining $5,000, she saved some of the money and some she shared with her friends and family. Anastasia admitted that participating in the UK 49 lottery had just been a gamble. It was essentially her last try to get the money she wanted without having to work for it. Thus, she hadn’t expected to win a prize that fast.

Nonetheless, she was undeniably pleased and stated that she would continue to participate in future draws because the odds of the game were really good and it proved that anyone could win. As for the numbers she had used, Anastasia had chosen to go with a combination of her birthday, her lucky numbers and the last couple of digit of her phone number. The combo was indeed unique and this possibly worked in her favor. She said that she used a different combination for the previous draws she had played.

Hence, the UK49 is definitely a lottery that can give you the prize you want to fulfill your dreams and change your life. The good thing about the lottery is that the ticket doesn’t cost you much, even when you participate in both draws and since the odds are favorable, you will possibly get a return on your investment in the long run. You can choose your own numbers or have the UK49 prediction system generate some numbers for you. Any of these tricks just might be the key to help you in winning a substantial prize.

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