These Grandparents Could Not See Their Grandchildren Suffering

Lotteries can do a lot for people. If you are able to hit the jackpot, not only are you able to change your life completely, but you can also help your loved ones as generously as possible. Today’s story is about grandparents who were worried about the future of their grandchildren and kept on participating in UK49 lottery to eventually turn a dream into a reality. The prize money they won from the lottery was much bigger than they have imagined. Let’s find out their story and how their fortune helped them change the lives of their grandchildren.

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It Hurt Us to See Our Grandkids’ Deprivation

My name is Joseph and I am a grandfather of five children. I have two sons who got themselves in trouble right from the time they had to return their student loan. Things really did not work out for them in their professional lives. I can’t blame them for whatever was happening because I could see how much hard work they did. One of my sons had three kids and the other one had two. A year before my retirement, I had started to buy 49s tickets in an attempt to win big and help my sons with their lives.

Of course, my own children were grownups so I knew they could take care of themselves. However, what hurt me the most was the sight of my grandkids. A lot of the luxuries their friends enjoyed were not available to them. I could see in their eyes how much they wanted to own stuff their friends owned. What concerned me the most was their future in education. I was not too sure if my children were going to be able to afford their higher education. The lottery bet I placed every other day was for my grandchildren. I did not want them to struggle in their lives like I did and my sons did.

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They Told Me to Stop Buying Lottery Tickets

My grandkids saw me checking the results of my lottery several times. Even my sons knew I about my lottery tickets. After a year of regular participation, my children started to convince me to quit buying the tickets anymore. According to them, I was wasting my time because the chances of winning something were very low. I always told them that I had no problem wasting my time and money. Not to mention, I used to use the Kwik Pik option on UK49 to pick my numbers. So, it did not even take me a minute to choose the numbers that I wanted to bet on.

Sometimes we even had quite a philosophical argument. My sons would say something like, “You have failed to win anything for a year straight.” My response to that was, “I only have to win once.” And that’s true in every sense. My belief was that I only had to win once to change the lives of the people who I loved the most. In short, nothing was going to stop me from buying UK49 tickets.

My Fortune Smiled at Me Eventually

So, a year had already passed but I had not lost hope. I would go on UK49 website, pick the numbers using the Kwik Pik option and wait for the draw to take place. I still love the fact that 49 lottery has such frequent draws i.e. two every day. I did not have to wait for too long to see whether I had won or not. On the other hand, the waiting time with other lotteries can be long. My restless nature does not allow me to wait for that long. So, it was a Friday and I was checking the results of the teatime draw.

I had matched five of the numbers I had picked with a basic bet. Did I just win more than £100,000? I looked at my numbers and the result on UK49 website over and over. The numbers were identical and based on my bet, I had won way more than £100,000. Was this money enough to help my kids and grandkids with whatever troubles they were facing life? No, this money was more than I could have ever needed. Of course, this prize money was going to change the lives of many. My dream had finally come true. I only had to tell everyone about the win now.

The Dramatic News Breaking from Me

So, I invited my sons to have a dinner with me on Saturday night. While having the dinner, I started talking about my lottery tickets. I made a sad face looked in their eyes one by one and said, “I think you guys were right.” “About what”, my sons asked me instantly. I responded, “About the lottery ticket thing. I don’t think I am going to buy these tickets anymore. I believe I have wasted enough money by now.” One of my sons instantly replied by saying, “Good for you dad! I am happy you understand now.” At his point, I asked him this question, “Won’t you ask why I don’t want to buy the lottery tickets anymore?”

He asked my “why” instantly. I replied to him by saying, “Because I just won more than £100,000 my son!” His eyes widened and he was looking at me like an own at this point. I looked around and everyone had the same expression on their faces. To break the silence I said, “Oh, so you don’t want me to stop buying the tickets?” Everyone started laughing and I laughed with them.

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You Must Never Stop People from Hoping

Since that day, I always advise people to not stop others from hoping. When I was buying lottery tickets, I had hope. I knew I was going to win something big someday and do everything that I had been dying to do for a long time. Not to mention, my hope associated with UK49 lottery was not hurting me at all. The tickets are cheap and it is up to me to decide how much I want to bet and on how many numbers. If you have a little spare cash in your pocket, you too can take a shot at this life changing UK49 lottery.

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