Two Avid UK49s Players Hits the Jackpot

Two avid UK49s lotto players placed their bet on a record-breaking jackpot just like any other player. The total prize was 66,000,000 Euros, and to the surprise of many, two participants managed to match the six winning numbers. By June 3, 2017, one of the winners had already claimed 33,000,000 Euros since the total prize was to be shared between the two. This is a win that made them instant millionaires.

The Big Win of After the UK49s Results

Noel Edmonds, a well-known figure in TV facilitated the draw that saw the 2 participants win the UK49s lotto jackpot after matching the 6 winning numbers. The numbers were 26, 27, 46, 47, 52 and 58 while the bonus number was 48.

Traffic on the UK49s Website

Before the UK49s results that saw the duo hit the jackpot, the official website of the lottery had experienced some issues. According to the officials is that there were more avid players who were hoping to become instant millionaires. This was the first time the jackpot went that high, and it is the same reason there was an increase of traffic to the website. The traffic was quite high to a point that the system was closed. It is estimated that every second, about 400 tickets were sold.

UK49s Improves Their System

According to the officials of the national lottery is that there is a new system in place which increases the chances of participants in winning. It is much better than the old one due to the various enhancements done to it. The purpose of the enhancements is to try and see that in every draw, someone becomes a millionaire. After the UK49s results that has seen participants get a jackpot, there have been visible demand on the game.

Second Winner Yet to Claim the Reward

By June 4, 2017, even after the UK49s results, the second anonymous winner had not yet claimed the share. The officials urged those that had bought tickets to check them, and if they are the winners, they should head to the lottery department near them.

UK49s enhanced their system back in the year 2013, but things just got better for the avid lotto players. The latest enhancements they have done to the system are not only meant to increase the chances of winners in winning, but they are also meant to boost the sales of the lottery. On average, the sale of the tickets by UK49s is 34,000,000 Euros per week which is channeled to different projects. In the latest win of 66 million Euros, the officials were happy to welcome the new winners to the millionaire’s club. They even had champagne waiting for the celebration. By introducing the latest innovations just like they have done, they make the experience of the players more exciting. In general, this will increase traffic and give winners higher chances of winning on a regular basis although hitting the jackpot will not be easy.

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