Two Lucky Winners Shared the £66 Million Prize

The highest UK49s Jackpot will be shared by two winners, according to the latest news.  Two lucky winners have managed to match the six-number combination of the record-breaking lottery game.  Each of them will receive more than £33 million.  Based on the lottery officials, one of the lucky winners has already claimed his winning prize.  They will be able to see an increase in their bank account by Monday when the bank has opened.

Winners of the UK49s £66 Million Jackpot:  Latest Members of the Millionaires Club

The winning number combination 26, 27, 46, 47, 52, 58 with bonus number 48 has resulted to the life changing event of 2 avid lotto players. The lotto officials also stated that they should check the UK49s ticket and go to your nearest Lottery department if you have the winning ticket.  The lotto officials also said that they have their champagne prepared to welcome you to their Millionaires Club. The officials also stated that the money generated from the sales is being used for the greater good. The sale that amounts to an average of £34 million per week is being used to fund different projects.

UK49s Big Jackpot

When the jackpot prize reached its all-time high, the official website of the National lottery has suffered some issues.  This is due to the unpredicted increase in the numbers of visitors and buyers who want to be an instant millionaire.  Based on the statistics, the system has managed to sell an average of 400 UK49s tickets every second during the last few hours before the system was closed.

Noel Edmonds, better known as the face of multiple tv shows throughout the UK over the past 20 years – ranging from Noel’s house party to Deal or no Deal, is the one who facilitated the draw of the record-breaking jackpot.  According to the host of the game show, he was thrilled to become a part of the history of the UK49s lottery game. Prior to this event, Edmonds has already been invited by the official to push the draw button last 1994.


Based on the new system of the UK49s, your chances of winning become higher compared to their older system.  These certain enhancements that the officials have introduced will most likely increase your odds of turning into an instant millionaire.  This new system will almost guarantee that there will be a new millionaire every draw.  However, the chance of getting a jackpot that is as big as £66 million will be rare.  This recent change is the answer of the lottery officials to the growing demand on the game.

There has been an obvious increase in the revenue of UK49s lottery game over the past years since they adjusted the system last 2013 and with these latest changes, they are also hoping that it will once again boost the sales.  They claimed that a total of £250 million has been directed to various projects ever since they altered the way that the game is played.  They believe that if they did nothing to re-invigorate the lottery game, this would not be possible.  This latest change is the dedication of the company to bring the most exciting games by introducing the latest innovation.


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