Two Lucky Winners Pocketed £66 Million of UK49 Lotto Jackpot

January 10th 2016 was the day when these two Lucky winners matched all the six numbers of the UK49s lottery game. The Jackpot was standing at 66 million pounds, and many people were salivating to have that money. A lot of people bought multiple tickets as they were trying to enhance their winning chances. Out of the millions of people who played the game, only two managed to match the numbers plus the bonus numbers. Since they were two, each received a half of the jackpot, but it was still a wonderful amount considering that the players invested only a small amount of money as stake.

The Winners Did Not Go Public

When the UK49s Results were announced, people expected the winners to go public. They expected them to show the world how happy they were. But due to fear of being robbed, they decided to remain silent. It was a wise move considering that such an amount is normally eyed by many people when announced on public. The UK49s authority congratulated the winners though and funny enough, they were coming from the same geographical place as it was revealed by the UK49s spokesman.


The Winning Numbers of the UK49s in 2016

The winning numbers were 58, 47, 27, 46, 52, 26 and the bonus number was 48. As you can see, the combination was dominated by even numbers and a few odd numbers. It was a good way to start the year 2016 because each winner was £33 million richer. Uk49s is, therefore, a genuine game that can turn poor men into tycoons if they happen to match all the numbers correctly. It is advised that all players should confirm their tickets in the local ticket scanners so that they see whether they have won or not.

The Numbers That Occurred Mostly in Every Draw

When people want to place or select their numbers, they use the strategy of number frequency. There the thunder numbers that never misses in any draw. Even though these numbers do not appear as accurately as they appear in every draw, they can help players predict the next coming numbers. It is just like the sequence numbers in math.   The most frequent numbers were 2, 3, 5, 22, 11, and the thunder ball was 12. The winners did not reveal how they managed to match all numbers, but they prepared and planned before selecting their combinations. Though there is no ultimate strategy, planning before selecting numbers helps.

The UK49s uses machines to generate numbers. The machine that was used to generate the six winning numbers was called Guinevere. It is a fair machine that is not biased at all. The game is known to raise over 340 million pounds weekly, and most of this money is donated as charity fund to various unfortunate groups of people around the world. By playing the game, you will be exposing yourself to the possibilities of riches as well as helping other people who are needy.

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