Local Man Strikes it Big With UK Lotto 49

UK Lotto 49 Winner

There are a lot of people out there who don’t find the lottery worth trying. They believe it is a game of luck and there is no way to guarantee a win. Therefore, it is better not to waste your money on lottery tickets when you don’t know the outcome. However, the fact is that it is exactly this element of the lottery that makes it more fun. After all, it takes only a matter of minutes for your life to change if you have the winning numbers and take home the jackpot. A lottery is just like any other game, which requires some work and research and can boost your chances of winning in this way.

The UK Lotto 49 is also one of the most popular lottery games played by people all over the globe and has two draws; lunchtime and teatime draw. People all over the world participate in this lottery because it can hand out massive prizes and change their lives. This is exactly what happened to one Ethan Cameron, a 32-year old local man, residing in London. He was also an ordinary person, but managed to make it big with the UK Lotto 49 that turned his life around.

Lunchtime results for today

Ethan was a clerk in a store and he went about his job, dreaming of making it big one day. He had very high hopes of continuing his studies and getting a well-paid job, but had to drop out due to his financial troubles. Still, that didn’t stop him from thinking about a future and that’s what prompted him to participate in the lottery. He had come across the story of a winner while browsing the web in his spare time and was amazed at how the lottery had changed his life. Ethan saw that as his ticket to freedom as well.

UK Lotto 49
UK Lotto 49

He found the UK Lotto 49 website and found it to be a very interesting game as it offered him the choice of participating in various games. The most appealing feature of the lottery was that even a single bet could help him win massive prizes so he didn’t have to worry about wasting his hard-earned money. He opted to play the Lunchtime Draw as he got a lunch break at the store and that made it the perfect time for him to play. Thus, he decided to make it a routine because he was well aware that his chances of winning it big the first time were very low.

Teatime results for today

Nonetheless, he was extremely excited when he participated in the Lunch Time draw of the UK Lotto 49 for the very first time. Just as he had expected, he did not win, but he definitely enjoyed the adrenaline rush that he got every time he checked the numbers. In addition, he didn’t let his loss bring him down and made it a habit to participate in the draw regularly. It was his motivation and belief that he could win that kept him going for eight months straight.

Every time he thought he was wasting money, he would tell himself that consistency was the key to winning it big and giving up would mean that his past attempts were all wasted. It seems as if he was right because after eight months of spending his money, Ethan succeeded in winning the jackpot. It was in November 2016 that Ethan won the Lunch Time draw and found out that he was the winner of a massive £13 million. By that time, he had stopped watching the draws live and only checked his inbox for a notification about winnings.

To his surprise, there was one waiting for him from the National Lottery and when he opened the email, he just couldn’t believe it. It was difficult for him to accept that after months of dreaming and planning, he had finally gotten the prize he wanted. His entire world was turned upside down because he realized that now he could make everything a reality. Ethan immediately contacted his family, which included a sister and two brothers. He shared the news with them and used their assistance to check the email’s authenticity. They verified that Ethan was indeed a millionaire and were very excited for him.

Ethan did not let his big win change how he was. He did not blow away his winnings immediately and instead used a portion of them to set up his own store. He did not quit instantly and helped his boss find and train a replacement for him. He also gave some of the money to a charity dedicated to help cancer patients, as his mother had been a cancer patient as well. He also planned a vacation for his entire family, which included his sister’s kids and husband. He wanted to assure them that he wasn’t going to change just because he had become a millionaire.

He treated his friends with gifts and didn’t hesitate in helping out those around him whom he knew could use the help. Since he didn’t want to put in long hours anymore, he hired people for overlooking the shop he had set up and went in for a few hours every day. However, he did not wish to become lazy so he decided to fulfill his dream of continuing his studies and that’s what he did.

Ethan became financially sound and also added to his knowledge and education that could help him in the future.

How did he win? This is what most people want to know and the fact is that it was Ethan’s consistency and believe in himself that didn’t let him give up. He tried different number combinations and it was the combination of the birthdays of his family members that finally allowed him to win. Ethan’s story is just one of the many inspiring stories of UK Lotto 49 winners on the internet that can also encourage you to try your luck regularly. You can participate in either or both draws and just might win the jackpot.

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