Is UK49 The Lottery of the Future?

The Lottery of the Future

The UK49 lottery has steadily gained in popularity over the years within the UK and even more recently has seen a similar emergence and popularity gather within the online lottery playing community. So, we wanted to look in the UK49 and see if this popularity is going to maintain and if the UK49 will indeed become the lottery draw of the future as some are implying.

What makes UK49 Different to the Others

I think the key reasons that people are saying that the UK49 will become the standard platform for lotteries of the future comes down to two important features of this online lottery. The first is the fact the UK49 has two draws a day…every day. This makes the UK49 a much more lively and exciting lotto as there is always one coming up right around the corner.  If you miss the lunchtime UK49, don’t worry, you can play in the teatime draw just a few hours later!

UK49 statistics

In the Future, You Decide How Lucky You Feel

The technological revolution has seen a change in the way people consume. Be it consuming information through new platforms such as twitter, or consuming entertainment through sites such as Netflix. The underlying change is in moving towards a landscape where the consumption of any product, be it information, entertainment or even the lottery is becoming more and more ‘on-demand’. The ‘on-demand’ revolution that we are seeing all around us is not going anywhere, and that’s why UK49 is here to stay.

The fact that there is two draws a day makes it more on demand lottery than the rigid, state lotteries, but there is more to this than pure increase in frequency of draw. The UK49 allows you to play within each drawing a more on demand style than any of the other lotteries out there. In the UK49 you get to choose how many balls you are willing to play. So, for example, if you are feeling not so lucky about the upcoming draw, just play one number! Pick your one number that you think will be drawn out of the 6 balls and you’ll receive odds of 6:1 just on this outcome. This style of playing is unheard of with the national lotteries where you must select as many numbers are there are drawn balls. This is a great feature and really makes the other draws feel dated in their restrictions and lack of choice. It is like comparing Blockbuster to Netflix – State Lotteries to UK49.

The Future is Here

The UK49 is here to stay. Along with some other exciting games such as the Rapido draw the UK49 is a lotto draw game that is gaining more players every week. Some things do not change such as the prize amounts. Because you are playing your desired numbers each draw (from 1 to 6 balls picked) the prize divisions are purely odds based and not reliant on the income from ticket sales. Some may think that this a downside as with other lotteries that jackpot can roll and grow to obscene figures, but overall we think this is a necessary feature. A lotto with so many draws would be too complicated if their jackpots kept changing twice a day, you wouldn’t know where you stand.

The UK49 has made the prize division as simple as possible and the players choices as eclectic as possible. This is a fun and exciting lotto game and we think the format that will become the lotteries of the future.



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