Some Of The Best Lotto Winner Stories

14 June 2017

A lucky man who wishes not to be identified became winner of £125,000 from UK49s. He differed from other winners who spent their winnings on vehicles and hanging out with their buddies. He utilized most of his winnings to offer his fiancée the wedding of her dreams!

Immediately he found out about the results for the UK49s, he examined his ticket and picked his winnings. Even as he embarked on the journey to pick his check, he was already aware of where he would spend most of the prize cash. The following day, he made a proposal to his girlfriend and began making arrangements for their dream wedding.

UK49s Dream Wedding

Prior to becoming a lotto winner, he never imagined an extravagant wedding. In actual fact, he just wished for a modest celebration of their coming together. It would be a private event with only close friends and family. But, after he became winner of the UK49s, all this changed.

Their wedding consisted of a list of about one hundred and the venue was decorated expensively with fresh flowers. They were in a position to include extra guests; however, the couple just invited individuals who were in their lives prior to the UK49s win.

In addition, the groom spent a lot of the venue, food and wedding outfit. He went as far as paying for the bridal party outfits. He engaged a live band to perform at the reception and even obtained a custom dance floor.

There was a team of photographers and videographer also, who created a documentary of the newlyweds’ special day. He obtained all the best products from the suppliers and this was certainly an unforgettable day for the newlyweds as well as their guests.

Going to a Tropical Island for the Honeymoon!

Nothing beats completing the wedding celebration in style than going to the Maldives for the honeymoon. This was the first time for this husband and wife to go abroad on a trip. All this was possible because of the UK49s prize that the husband won.

As they honeymooned in Maldives, they took a snorkeling trip, discovered numerous sandy beaches, went fishing and visited coral islands.

They stayed in Maldives for three days and every day, they went to a different island. On their final day, they went cruising around the islands. The yacht was entirely at their disposal.

In the course of their honeymoon, they went to a couple’s spa also. They said this was the most memorable experience they had in the course of their trip. Following the spa treatment, they felt rejuvenated and prepared to derive more pleasure in the sun!

A wonderful ending following the UK49s Results

On their return from their honeymoon they still obtained some cash remaining from the winning of UK49s. The couple will utilize this winning to begin a small business. In addition, the man stated that he would go on purchasing UK49s tickets for the rest of his life.

According to him, if it was not for the lottery, he may not have managed to marry his wife or offer her the posh wedding that she really deserved.

UK49 statistics

Two Lucky winners of UK49s Shared the Prize of £66 Million

3 June 2017

The hugest jackpot for UK49s shall be divided between two winners.  Two lucky winners were able to match the combination of six numbers for this lottery game that is record-breaking.

Each shall obtain in excess of £33 million. According to officials of the lottery, one of these lucky winners had already made a claim of his winning prize. By Monday, after the bank opens, they shall see their bank accounts increase!

Player becomes Winner of UK 49s Jackpot for £11 Million

23 May 2017

Founded on previous results for UK49s, the hugest jackpot prize in this national lottery’s history is about £42 million.

But, the latest £11 million winner should not be forgotten. This money is sufficient to transform one’s life tremendously and will offer you an exceptional lifetime experience.

The winner, who does not want to be identified, was previously working at a construction site. According to him, he had passionately played lotto for 10 years and more now.

The winner of UK49s intends to Purchase home

The winner informed the press that he intends to purchase his own home. He does not wish to have a huge house or a mansion; just a place that can provide his family with comfort, without worrying about rent each month.

He even said that he had worked in the construction sector for so long but had never had the chance to buy his own home. This winner of UK49s has a wife and three children.  While on his standard salary, he wished he would provide a lot of gifts to his boys; however, his salary was just sufficient for their everyday expenses.

He asked God to give him enough cash to purchase his wife another dress and pair of shoes for his children.  This UK49s winner was not aware that he would get more than that. He claimed that he now had sufficient cash to lead a comfortable life with his family.

In addition, he desires to go on a trip with his family in the US to visit their relatives. Apart from this, his children want to go to Disneyland. However, before they make a decision on how to use their winning, they will plan carefully.

He said he did not want to go back to his previous life and wanted to utilize the winnings to obtain a constant source of income.  He does not mind working hard but intends to ensure that they shall have the cash when they require it. According to him, he desires to invest some of his cash on stocks and he intends to set up another business venture.

The latest report indicates that the man will not give up his job at a nearby construction site. He plans to complete this construction project prior to taking a break. He also wants to bid farewell to his managers and workmates in a formal manner.

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