UK49s Syndicate Group Play

UK49s Syndicate Group Play

*UK49’s Draws Take Place Every Day at 12:50 PM and 16:49 UTC Time.

UK49’s Lotto Syndicate Play – Increase Your Chances Of Winning

Odds of Winning With Single Bets

Below is a table showing the odds & potential earnings of a $2 bet with the UK49’s. This is relevant to both lunchtime and teatime UK49’s draws.


Picked to Play

6 Drawn Numbers Winnings ($2 bet)7 Drawn Numbers Winnings ($2 bet)6 Drawn Number


7 Drawn Number



*winnings including your initial stake

Chances to Win The UK49 |
Winning Odds
6 Regular
1 in 13,983,816
5 Regular + 1 Extra
1 in 2,330,636
5 Regular
1 in 55,491
4 Regular + 1 Extra
1 in 22,197
4 Regular
1 in 1,083
3 Regular + 1 Extra
1 in 812
3 Regular
1 in 61
2 Regular + 1 Extra
1 in 81
2 Regular
1 in 8
1 Regular + 1 Extra
1 in 21
0 Regular + 1 Extra
1 in 16
Minimum Jackpot: £9
Record Jackpot: £1,000,000

How Syndicate Play Gives You Better Odds

When joining an online lottery syndicate you get to play with more tickets for each draw, making more bets on each draw gives you a better chance of winning the main prize of $300,000.

Most syndicates have around 50 players per group with 75 bets per group and each player shares 1 share out of 50 of the groups winnings.

Odds Of Winning With Group Bets

This means that you get 75 chances per draw and when your group hits the $300,000 prize you get your share of the prize which is worth $6,000.

The best thing about syndicates is that it costs more or less the same price of purchasing a single bet – but with the group play option you get to play up to 75 bets for around the same price, together with the group.

Around 1/3 or first prize division lottery wins around the world each week are won by syndicates!

Join Syndicates to Win UK49s Lotto

A lottery syndicate essentially means combining your lottery entry with numerous other players of lottery. Combining your entry or joining a syndicate presents numerous advantages. Lottery syndicates are extremely famous all through the globe. They are many times available in clubs, workplaces and families.  

Syndicates provide a very effective method of winning the jackpot, for instance in UK49s Lottery. 

Tips for Forming a Syndicate 

  • Meet your syndicate members and make a decision on the weekly budget. Some members might want to spend more, compared to others. In such cases, they can purchase double or treble entries, which entitle them to obtain double or treble portion of any winnings.  
  • Choose a manager who is trustworthy, well organized and dependable. He/she shall have the role of picking the ticket stake and purchasing the tickets. Keep in mind that tickets shall be bought in the manager’s name and you totally depend on him/her to submit your earnings. Therefore, make a wise decision! 
  • Set up a syndicate agreement that should be dated and signed by every member. It is possible to download syndicate agreements from many lottery sites.  These present a helpful safeguard, since they lay down your agreement terms in writing. 
  • They are useful also, since they enable players to specify what will transpire to their part of any winning in the event of demise. Will the deceased’s share be divided equally between the remaining members or transferred to his/her estate?  
  • The agreement needs to contain the syndicate policy also, for what will occur in case a member fails to submit payment for their stake in a timely manner. Will they lose their winnings, or does a grace period exist? 
  • Factors such as the notice a member should give before leaving the syndicate and publicity group policy in the event of a huge win should be discussed and an agreement laid out from the beginning, to avoid any issues in future. 

How Syndicates Work 

This idea is centered on a single simple rule; as your syndicate buys more tickets, this improves your possibility of winning. But, some people do still win with only one ticket, even though this is not common. Some are able to win the lottery by buying one ticket or two, when heading home from work. 

Despite this, using syndicates is a process that is becoming more famous for winning. This technique offers you many more opportunities to win, by buying as many tickets as is possible. 

Each person submits a reasonable amount of cash that offers him or her numerous tickets, which the syndicate might purchase. Due to this, each person who signs up gets more opportunities to become a lottery winner, for instance, for UK49s. This is the most ideal way of gaining as you play the lottery and support your odds.

Requirements For Playing UK49s Syndicates

To become a syndicate leader and purchase the tickets for UK49s,  

you should be a resident in the United Kingdom. But, this does not mean you should be a UK resident to play UK49s, though. You just need to set up a lottery syndicate and have the tickets bought in the UK.  

After the draw has been carried out, you only require examining your lotto numbers. Friends, fellow workers and colleagues place their cash collectively to buy many tickets and there are a lot of stories about friends and factory workers who have made big wins in lotteries such as UK49s. 

Syndicates improve the people’s winning chances. But, joining an Internet syndicate via an e-lottery syndicate is definitely another method of playing lottery. This is normally simpler to do, compared to joining a syndicate consisting of a group of your workmates. 

Money is something that can make friendships break in case something goes wrong in regard to managing the cash. This makes using a third party convenient, when handling sensitive matters to do with money that people have worked hard to earn. 

Benefits of Syndicates

A lottery syndicate presents a safe and simple method of playing the lottery without wasting a person’s hard earned money. It simply requires to be carefully formed with the appropriate lottery contracts set up or maybe an e-lottery syndicate. 

Today, numerous e-lottery syndicates exist which make playing lottery and winning easy. Actually, skilled lottery players believe that playing lottery via a syndicate is a better method of attempting to win this game, instead of utilizing individual tickets bought from a retail outlet. 

The hugest benefit is that queuing is not necessary, to purchase tickets. The syndicate purchases the tickets on your behalf, with the assistance of relative software.  

This means you are able to enjoy each of the benefits comfortably from your home. Since purchasing lottery tickets manually is not necessary, possibilities of losing them is reduced totally. 

Lottery syndicates can be joined by anyone from any location 

Lottery syndicates are accessible to everyone, from all over the world and they can give lottery a try. In case any e-lottery syndicates’ ticket wins in the lottery, the winnings are split among the numerous syndicate members. 

Most people are not happy at the idea of splitting their lottery fortunes with other individuals, as happens in a lottery syndicate. But, as some UK National Lottery Jackpots such as UK49s and Euro Millions Lottery generate large wins, you will still obtain a huge amount even if you split the cash. 

It is helpful to attempt your luck at lottery through syndicates, as there are much higher possibilities of winning and obtaining a prize. You have a chance of winning some cash regularly using a lotto syndicate. 

As the number of syndicate members increase, the higher the prospects of winning lottery prize cash regularly. When you join a syndicate, you are assured of a prize when you match at least three numbers. 

If you go out to purchase lottery tickets from the stores, your prospects of winning any cash are not high. Becoming part of a lottery syndicate also offers you more ways of generating cash, since majority of these syndicates have affiliate programs of the syndicate company, which you can join. A commission is paid to you when you tell others about the syndicate and they become part of it. 

Therefore, if you are able to convince individuals to join the syndicate and obtain commission for this, there is a possibility that this commission shall pay off your entry fees and therefore allow you to play for free in the lottery syndicate. 

So, there are a number of reasons why you should think of becoming part of an e-lottery syndicate! 

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