Lotto syndicates – Improve your chances

How Syndicates Work

Essentially, lottery syndicates involves groups of individuals who combine their cash together to purchase additional tickets, thereby raising the prospects for any person to become a prizewinner. When you become part of a lottery syndicate, either online or in person, you instantly raise your chances of winning the lottery.

The only disadvantage of utilizing lottery syndicates is that you will need to share your winnings with other individuals in the group. However, it is much better to get a small share in a huge jackpot than an entire share of a smaller prize. When people see lottery in this manner, it sounds more sensible.

Playing Online

Online lottery syndicates are a bit different with every online provider in regard to their own requirements, rules and prices. The syndicate feature might also just be present for particular group sizes, payment options and lottery games. You need to consider this beforehand.

Below are some providers of lotto ticket who will permit you to use syndicates to play lottery online


Lottosend is among the most famous online lottery ticket service . They serve the hugest range and variety of players from throughout the world, such as Australian and European players.

The firm has been a leader of lottery tickets for syndicate groups and plays concierge service for majority of the famous lottery games like Mega Millions and US Powerball, as well as others.


Lottoland is a lottery ticket service that is very famous, which is situated in the UK. They offer their services to Australian and European players also. Recently, the company included syndicate features for Irish Lotto, EuroMillions, Mega Millions and US Powerball and others.

The sizes of groups are different. Some groups consist of 56 entries and others increase even to 1,008 entries, which greatly raise your winning odds.


Play Lottery

Play Lottery offers players all through the globe lottery services. Their syndicate group feature is simple to use for Millionaire Raffle, EuroMilions, SuperEnlatto, UK Lotto and Major Spanish and UK lotteries. A huge range of syndicate groups is present with Play Lottery.


Lotto Lishus

This company is found in California, USA. It is moderately new in the industry of lotto. Lotto Lishus provides 3 varied methods of playing in syndicate groups and each presents its own exceptional benefits and features.

Benefits of E Lottery-Syndicates

Nowadays, numerous e-lottery syndicates exist, which make playing lotto and winning it easy. Actually, skilled lottery players think playing lottery via a syndicate is a better method of trying to win the lottery, compared to utilizing personal tickets from a retail outlet.

The best benefit is that it is not necessary to stand in queues to purchase lottery tickets. The syndicate purchases your tickets on your behalf, with the use of the assistance of relative software. This entails that you can have fun with all the benefits, comfortably from your home. Since it is not necessary to purchase lottery tickets manually, the prospects of losing them is completely reduced. Any person from any place can become part of e-lottery syndicates. Lottery syndicates are accessible to all also, where any person from any section of the globe can attempt their luck at whatever lottery. If one of the e-lottery syndicate becomes a winner of the lottery, the winnings are distributed among the numerous syndicate members.

Not many individuals like the thought of having their lottery winnings shared with other people, as happens in a lottery syndicate. But, since huge wins can be obtained through some Euro Millions Lottery and UK National Lottery jackpots, even if the money is shared, you still have the chance to obtain a huge amount.

The advantage of you using syndicates to attempt your luck is that you increase the possibility of winning and getting a prize. You have the chance to win some cash regularly with a lotto syndicate.

When a syndicate has many members, this increases the likelihood of winning lottery prize cash frequently. When you belong to a lotto syndicate, you have the guarantee of getting a prize by matching at least three numbers.

If you go out to purchase lottery tickets from the stores, you have less chance of becoming a winner of any cash. Becoming part of a lottery syndicate also offers you more ways of earning cash, since majority of these syndicates have affiliate programs for the syndicate company that you can join. When you tell others about the syndicate you are paid commission when they become part of it.

Therefore, if you are able to convince people to become part of the syndicate and get commission, is likely that the commission shall balance your entry fees and therefore allow you to play for free in the lottery syndicate.

The Most Ideal Lottery Syndicates

The most ideal lottery syndicates will first of all, select the correct game to play, which signifies reasonable odds of winning the jackpot, compared to the jackpot pool size. After you get the appropriate game, you can then balance this against how many players are present in every syndicate group.


A lottery syndicate presents among the most ideal methods of playing the lottery. Syndicates win ¼ of all lottery jackpots. They are usually created by a group of friends and workmates who come together to raise their winning odds.

This allows members of the syndicate to have extra entries. This is the only method to genuinely raise your winning prospects and still control the cost.

A great bonus is that when you belong to a syndicate, winnings are examined for you. Therefore, in the event that a ticket wins, each person in the group shall be informed about it.

It will not be necessary to look around, searching for a ticket you might have discarded in the bin; this is handled on your behalf. When you play alone, a certain excitement is linked with playing the lottery. But, when you pay more cash from your own pocket, your prospects of winning become very small.

Therefore, join a lottery syndicate today and win your share of the lottery!

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