UK49s Winner Uses Money to Finance Wedding

A lucky guy who wants to remain anonymous won £125,000 from the UK49s. Unlike other winners who splurged their winnings on cars or going out with their friends, he used most on his winning to give his fiancée her dream wedding.

As soon as he learned about the UK49s results, he checked his ticket and cashed in on his winnings. And even when he was on his way to get the check, he already knew where he will be spending most of the price money. The next day he proposed to his girlfriend and started with the planning of their dream wedding.

UK49s Dream Wedding

Before winning the lotto, he didn’t dream of a lavish wedding. Actually, all he wanted was a simple celebration of their union. It was going to be an intimate affair with just close family and friends. However, everything changed once he won the UK49s.

Their wedding had a guest list of around a hundred, and the venue was lavishly decorated with fresh flowers. They could have added more guests, but the couple only invited people who have been a part of their life before winning the UK49s.

The groom also splurged on the food, venue, and wedding attire. He even paid for the outfits of the bridal party. He hired a live band to play during the reception and even got a custom dance floor. There was also a team of videographer and photographers who documented the special day for newlyweds. He got all the best items from the suppliers, and it was definitely the most memorable day for the newlyweds and their guests.

UK49s Win

Honeymoon in a Tropical Island

There’s no better way to cap the wedding celebration than going to a honeymoon in the Maldives. It is the first time for both bride and groom to go on an overseas trip all thanks to the groom’s UK49s prize.

During their Maldives honeymoon, they went on a snorkelling trip, went fishing, explored various sandy beaches, and visited coral islands. While snorkelling, they were in luck because a giant whale shark was nearby. During their 3 days stay in Maldives, they spent each day on a different island. During their last day, they went on a cruise around the islands. They had the yacht all to themselves.

During their honeymoon, they also visited a couple’s spa, which they described to be the most unforgettable experience they had during their trip. After the spa treatment, they felt refresh and ready to have more fun in the sun.

Happy Ever After the UK49s Results

After they got back from their honeymoon, they still got some money left from the UK49s winning that the couple will use to start a small business. The guy also said that he will continue to buy UK49s tickets for as long as he lives. He also said that without the lottery, he might not have been able to wed his wife, or given her the lavish wedding that she truly deserved.

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