The Winning Story of a Nurse at Sutton Clinic

Abigail Taylor, an assistant nurse that has been working at a local clinic in Sutton, has always wished that she can do something better with her life. She’s been working at the local clinic for more than 5 years now, and although she feels happy whenever a patient thank her for taking care of them, she’s not seeing the growth and development of her career. She wanted to resign on her job at the small clinic, but the existing economic uncertainties have prevented her from considering the other jobs. That thing is about to change as he learned the good news that she is the lone winner of £1.6 million UK49s jackpot.

Assistant Nurse Who Won the UK49s Jackpot is the Latest Member of the Millionaire’s Club

‘I can’t believe it, I just can’t”, Abigail has probably repeat that phrase for more than 6 times as her hands shakes with pure excitement. She said that she was walking along the road when she decided to stop by at the local convenient store to get bottled water. When the manager of the shop gave her change, she decided to place her bet on the UK49s lottery game. It was just like destiny if she didn’t go to that convenient store and if she doesn’t have any spare change she will never play the lottery game.

“I play the lottery game from time, to time but I am not one of those regular players,” she told the press. When she went to the local outlet to check the UK49s results, the representative approached her and invited her into a more private location. She was too puzzled about their actions until they congratulated her and told her that he won the UK49 jackpot. She was literally screaming when she realized that they were not joking.


When the press asked her about her plan about her winning UK49s jackpot, she immediately said that she’s planning to resign on her work. She wants to properly say goodbye to the management and her patient and thank them for all the years that she worked with them. Aside from that, she also wants to go back to her hometown and visit her grandma with her mom. It’s been years since her mom last saw her grandmother, and she know that she will be so happy to reunite with her.

She wants to put up her own business and invest the remaining money on the real estate. “As of now, I have too many plans on my UK49s prize, but I want to take my time and consider all my options. I don’t want to return to the life of an assistant nurse”, she laughed while relaying some of her experiences as a nurse. However, she said that she will really miss the patients that she learned to love. “My love for my patients will not change, but I do not want to return to that stressful life’. Abigail Taylor is radiating with happiness as she slowly bids farewell to her former life.

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