Why Play UK49’s

UK49’s is a lotto draw with a difference & its recent rising popularity amongst online and offline lotto enthusiasts sparked us into action to take a deeper look at the benefits and attractions of this unique lotto game.

You’re in Control

One of the most appealing features of the UK49’s is that the players get to choose how much they want to play. It is different in its set up to the vast majority of lotteries. For example, in a regular lotto draw, such as the US Powerball or Australian Oz Lotto, there is a fixed price for a ticket and the jackpot sum is a pre-determined percentage of ticket sales revenue. Not so in the UK49’s. in the UK49’s there are pre-determined odds for each possible results outcome and you, the player, decide how much money you are willing to wager on the outcome.

So, if for example, you want to play UK49’s 1-ball match, then you know that the odds for this outcome are 6/1. To continue with our example, you can now decide how much money you are willing to wager that the one ball you have selected will be one of the 6 result balls. If you decide to bet $20 on the one ball coming out in the results and it does, you win 6x your stake back, or $120 in this given example.

This is very different to regular lotto draws and has proved very popular. Players like to be in control. When people see lotto odds in the tens of millions it makes you feel like it is impossible and just not plausible that you will get any return on your investment. The UK49’s however flips this phenomena on its head. If you don’t think that you will match all 5 numbers, no problem, pick however many numbers you think that you will match! From 1 – 5 it’s up to you as to how lucky you are feeling.

Want more control? Sure! After you decide how lucky you are feeling and therefore how many UK49’s balls you want to play, you get to decide how much money you are willing to bet on this outcome coming true. Usually there are limits of $50, $100 or sometimes $500 depending on where you decide to play.

UK49 Fortress

How Many UK49’s Draw!

The other thing that makes the UK49’s lotto a unique lottery is that it takes place twice a day. Every day. You can play the UK49’s in the morning and if you are still feeling lucky then you can play it also in the evening.

It’s easy to see why this is a popular feature. When surveyed, the most common agitation amongst avid lotto players is that there is not a high enough frequency of draws. If you play only the Oz Lotto for example, you have one draw per week. To highlight the difference here, the UK49’s will have the same amount of draws over a weekend as the Oz Lotto will have over a month!

Play UK49’s From Anywhere

It is a lottery tailor made for the online world. The internet 2.0 – The internet of things – has created an environment where the consumer/customer requires instant satisfaction. The rise of an on-demand lifestyle neatly fits in with the playing method of UK49’s. It is no wonder why it’s one of the fastest growing and most popular draws out there!


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