UK49s: Won or Lost big lottery? – don’t make it bigger than you

If you have dreamed of earning millions of dollars or pounds or any other currency so easily and just out of luck, you might have already bought or planning to buy lottery tickets. Yes, lottery games have the potential to make you rich and make your dream come true. But, it is possible only if you are a lucky one in lakhs or millions of crowd who share the same dream with you.

Famous lottery games at present include Powerball, Euromillions, UK49s, Mega Millions, EuroJackpot etc.

Let us look at some of the key advantages and disadvantages of winning a big amount in the lottery.

Advantages: UK49s

Lottery games are popular due to the following benefits they offer to the user or player.

  1. Money: If you win the UK49s lottery, you will receive a great amount of money. Money may not bring everything that you want in life but certainly, you will get more benefits. You can travel to your dream destinations around the world, you can buy your dream house and car, you will have the freedom to choose many things and you can pay off your debts and many more. If you are a philanthropist, you can donate and help the distressed.
  2. Rich in short time: If you would like to earn a huge amount, you may need to work hard more throughout your life. Even if you work hard for many years, you may still not get as much as you win with one big lottery. It is a lucrative opportunity and attracts people who want to become rich and earn more money.
  3. Small investment for huge returns: When compared to the amount you get with winning the lottery, the amount you spend to buy a lottery ticket is peanuts. In other investment avenues, his is may not be possible. You have the opportunity to win a huge amount with little investment in the UK49s
  4. Pride: If you win the lottery, you feel good and proud of You will get recognition as it not possible for everyone out there in the race. Your social status will improve. People may consult you for advice as to how to choose numbers better that will bring them success etc. As you become rich and famous, your relations will also increase and you feel great about these changes.
  5. Dreams: You can involve in any fun activity or anything that you always wanted in life but could not do because of lack of money. You may pursue your ambitions that have been on hold due to financial constraints. You can give wings to your dreams and fly high. Realization of your ambitions, plans, and dreams become easy as you receive huge benefits.
  6. Stress relieve: You may have stress with paying bills and making living etc. as money is always limited. This will lead to stress and if you have a tough time in your job or business, it will be even more stressful. If you are a parent, you might feel stressed about providing the best to your children. Winning jackpot will relive you from all such worries and tensions.

With winning, you will enjoy the eye of the public as media will approach you for interviews and your name, the photo will be published in print media and displayed in electronic media as well. Overnight, you may become a public figure and known and heard too many people.


Let us look at the negative side of lottery games well.

  1. Bankrupt: The researches have shown that over the years, more than 70% of users who involve in lottery games go bankrupt. Less than 30% of users will play and win periodically. The data is scary. There is no meaning becoming financially poor in the process of hoping to become a millionaire or billionaire.
  2. Psychological effects: Failure to win money in the UK49s lottery will certainly make you disappointed and depressed sometimes. You may feel restless with waiting for winning. If you do not win, you may feel that you have lost and your dreams shaded away. If you do not have self-control, you will end up spending a lot of money on lottery games. This will add stress to you and affects your psychological health
  3. Low chances: The winning chances are low. Users have high ambitions. It is not easy in reality to make money in lotteries. Users have to choose better lottery services at least which will increase the chances of earning. In 50-50 lotteries, organizations collect lottery ticket money and commit to disburse half of the collection amount as winning amount. Likewise, in UK49s, there will be two draws per one day. One is in the afternoon and the other one is in the evening.
  4. Addiction: Lottery is a gambling type. Gambling games have the ability to make you get addicted so easily. Addiction affects your health, body, and mind. It will also affect your family as it will be a financial burden and seeing you addicted to the lottery.
  5. Pure luck based: If you win the UK49s lottery, it is sheer out of luck. You just predict and select your numbers while hoping for the best. So, this is something utterly out of our hands. Failure may make you think that you are misfortune and may feel jealous of the winners.
  6. Tax: Though you win the lottery, you will not receive the displayed amount as you have to pay income tax and fulfill other criteria set by your vendors. You may plan a lot and dream lot about how to spend such a huge But you will be disappointed as this is not the case in reality.

Other disadvantages are charity organizations may consult you lot for donations to their organizations. Likewise, your close friends and relatives may also ask for financial assistance from you. If you say no, your relationship may affect and say yes to everyone is also not a good idea. You feel inconvenient and face a dilemma to choose between many ways to spend your money.


Though there are benefits and drawbacks to winning the UK49s lottery, the smart thing to do is, only spend your additional savings on the lottery and be ready for any outcome.  If you win, enjoy the success. Be aware of the disadvantages and prepare well for them and handle them well. Alongside, if you lose, remind yourself that everything happens for good and accept gracefully. Ultimately, it is all in your mind how you think and approaches both the scenarios. Even if it is a huge amount, it is not huge than you and doesn’t give it power over you.

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