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“I Won The Lotto” An Amazing Story

I Won the UK49s & So Can you

I haven’t been playing the UK49s that long but I am already hooked. After beginning to play with zero strategy I began to look into the game deeply and researching. The only answer I was looking for was how can I give myself the best chance possible of winning – what is statistically the best way to play the UK49s?

After learning about this unique draw, I decided to put my theory into practice and see if the stats can be backed up by facts in real world experiments. The two things that make the UK49s a draw with a difference is that firstly, you can play anywhere from 1 numbers to 6 numbers and secondly, you can decide how much you would like to bet. After putting all the possible outcomes and their likelihoods into an excel the answer I got back was striking and goes against what I initially thought.

Lotto with a Difference

Initially I would play the UK49s with at least 5 balls and usually bet between 1 and 5 GBP. What this meant statistically was that I was essentially making it near impossible to match my numbers. Don’t get me wrong, if my numbers would have matched I would have won a fortune, but they didn’t, and they shouldn’t – the numbers don’t add up. What I learned that you need to do is play smart. Playing smart in the UK49s doesn’t involve picking 5 numbers to match. So, what does it involve?

Won the UK49s

How I Won

Before I began, it must be clear that my winning of the UK49s is not the top prize. You can only win the top prize in the UK49s if you decide to play 6 numbers. After my research in to the UK49s I have not played more than 4 numbers, ever. Usually I will pick 2-3 numbers. Depending on whether I have decided to play 2 or 3 numbers will affect how big my stake will. The stake that you play on the 2 numbers should be 125% bigger than the stake that you would play with 3 numbers. The UK49s is a lottery, but that doesn’t mean that there is only one way of betting. With the UK49s you can play smarter and gamble properly. By increasing your stake on a lower odds prize division, you are counterbalancing the small returns with a higher multiplier to begin with. With a draw like this one, it is the only way to stay ahead and win consistently.

Obviously, your wins when playing this method will not be the life changing sums you may be looking for from the lottery. However, it is simple logic: to receive prize amounts that are in the millions, you have to play where your odds are also in the millions. What I did with the UK49s was reduce my odds and jackpot amounts strategically.

What Not to Do

In short, what not to do with the UK49s is to play for the big win. Barely anybody wins the jackpot prizes of any lottery draw and the UK49s is no different in this. Do not play 6 numbers, do not play 5 numbers and if you are going to play 4 numbers, do so with a stake that is comparatively lower than you would do otherwise. This is the only way to stay on top of your UK49s play money.

To win consistently is very possible in the UK49s. The sheer fact that there is 2 draws a day means that little wins often can really add up in this draw. Who knows, if I keep playing with my strategy, within a year I would have won more than the average person playing the 4, 5 or even 6 number picks.

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